Notemeal joins Teamworks

We’re continuing to optimize and empower elite athletics: welcome Notemeal to the Teamworks Family!

“At Teamworks, we are continuing to expand our offering of technology solutions focused on comprehensive, cohesive support of the athlete. Sports performance is about developing and maintaining the bodies of athletes so that they can optimize physical performance. Notemeal is the best solution on the market that serves that very purpose for nutrition.”

Zach Maurides
Teamworks Founder & CEO

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“With Teamworks leading the market in communication and collaboration, we are beyond excited to synergistically merge the Teamworks platform with Notemeal’s existing functionality, to begin the iterative launch of a fully integrated performance nutrition platform.”

Sean Harrington
Notemeal Co-Founder & CEO

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Teaming Up to Optimize Sports Performance



Zach Maurides, Teamworks Founder & CEO
Sean Harrington, Notemeal Founder & CEO


Simplifying processes and making organizations more efficient through technology allows the surrounding ecosystem to continue their focus on the support of the athlete.

​​​​​​​Join Zach Maurides, Teamworks Founder & CEO, and Sean Harrington, Notemeal Co-Founder & CEO, for a webinar to learn more about the power of performance nutrition and the shared vision to continue to deliver impact for elite athletes and athletic organizations through technology solutions.


I’m ready to enhance performance nutrition at my organization. How do I learn more about Notemeal?

Check out the Notemeal – Solutions page to learn how you can optimize athletes’ nutrition. Or reach out to with any questions.

How will this impact the Teamworks app and service?

Your experience with Teamworks and our product won’t change. By investing in Notemeal, we’re expanding our support of elite athletes and the industry.

Are you hiring?

Yes! Check out opportunities to join the Teamworks Family.

Who do we contact with any other questions?

Reach out to with any questions. Or just email us to say what you think about Teamworks and Notemeal joining forces!