John Hodorowicz

Software Engineering Manager

Raleigh, North Carolina

A certified marksman and a master of technology, John loves that his work with the Teamworks platform makes an immediate impact on our clients.


His unique skill set not only manifests itself as brilliant technology, but he is also the reigning Nerf Champion of the Teamworks office.


Beyond Nerf guns and computers, John is an ultimate frisbee fanatic, a dedicated viewer of Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead and loves spending time with his wife, Brittany, their son, Evan, and their dog, Daphne.

Three fun facts about John:

1. Spicy food gives him the hiccups.


2. He was almost arrested for following traffic laws.


3. He is always down for any combination of bacon, bourbon and Jazzfest.



Connect with John:

Twitter: @johnhodorowicz
LinkedIn: John Hodorowicz