Becca Harrison

Customer Success Team Lead

Hometown: Poughkeepsie, New York

True to her team name, The Boilermakers, Becca “makes it happen” in the office, optimizing implementation and improving the customer experience.


Becca takes full advantage of living in Durham by spending time outside, frequenting local eateries and enjoying the Durham Farmers’ Market.


When she isn’t in the Teamworks office or exploring the city,  she can be found on her couch perusing Netflix with her cat, Roxy, or cheering on her alma maters Marist and Purdue.

Three fun facts about Becca:

1. She can palm a basketball.


2. She is notorious for making a delectable brunch and tweeting pictures to her follower community.


3. She has been on the longest pedestrian walkway in North America (over the Hudson River).


Connect with Becca:

Twitter: @bharrison_tw
LinkedIn: Becca Harrison