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“Teamworks acts like a Director of Operations in some ways and is really a big aid to the director of Ops because it saves so much time and gets messages out.”

Syracuse Men’s Lacrosse
John Desko
Head Lacrosse Coach

“In implementing Teamworks, Oklahoma Football remains committed to giving our coaches and players every advantage they need to be successful.”

Oklahoma Football
Matt McMillen
Assistant A.D. Football Operations

“Going from having nothing to having something as simple as Teamworks, with the calendar and the messaging in particular, has drastically improved the ease and reliability of communication and information.”

Mississippi State Women’s Basketball

Maryann Baker & Skylar Collins
Director of Operations & Director of Scouting/Video Coordinator

“Teamworks helps our program to run more efficiently and makes communication with our athletes so much easier.”

Duke Women’s Lacrosse

Kerstin Kimel
Head Coach

“The culture of support you guys have, checking in, taking the time to train us on different aspects of Teamworks, and being willing to talk to people and teach us is hands down the best in the business!”

Texas A&M Men’s Basketball
Peter Warden
Assistant Athletics Director, Men’s Basketball

“Teamworks empowers everyone in our program with knowledge, which in turn is a time-saver. We’ve eliminated many of the questions student-athletes used to have because we can communicate more efficiently with Teamworks.”

Butler University
Brandon Crone
Director of Basketball Operations

“My job is operational logistics for my team and my staff, and Teamworks is my tool to do it.”

TCU Football
Mike Sinquefield
Associate Athletics Director for Administration

“Teamworks really has prevented athletes from missing anything. It allows them to succeed. Everything they need lives in one place.”

UVA Women’s Basketball
Sarah Holsinger
Assistant Athletic Director for Basketball Administration

“It has made me a better coach and improved our program tremendously. Teamworks is a phenomenal tool for all coaches at any level.”

Duke Men’s Lacrosse
John Danowski
Head Coach

“It’s user friendly. It’s built around how we think. I haven’t seen anything that could touch the Teamworks system.”

Ole Miss Football
John Miller
Assistant A.D./Football Operations

“With Teamworks you have a product which is solely designed for team management. Teamworks puts all their focus on operating your team on a day-to-day basis, which is the most valuable tool I could have.”

Arizona Football
Mike Parrish
Assistant A.D., Football

“[The athletes] love it because everything is a click away, right on their phones. That makes the function of our program smoother. Our goal is to be as efficient as possible, and Teamworks makes that happen.”

Harvard Lacrosse
Eric Wolf
Assistant Coach

How Duke Football Communicates

2013 National Coach of the Year David Cutcliffe talks about the rise of Duke Football and how important quality communication is to leading any top-notch team or organization.

“Every year I learn more and more about Teamworks and what it can do. It’s an essential tool for me in today’s world to be able to communicate. I would highly recommend it, and I have.”

University of Arizona
Mike Candrea
Head Softball Coach

“Teamworks gives us the tools we need to adapt and keeps the entire department collaborating seamlessly and moving in the same direction.”

Marquette Athletics
Danielle Josetti
Associate Athletic Director – Compliance

“With Teamworks, we can see what our players are doing, which helps us hold them accountable. It also helps them learn to hold themselves accountable.”

Santa Clara Baseball
Dan O’Brien
Head Baseball Coach

“We seek out progressive partners to continually improve our internal team communication for our players, coaches and basketball administration. Teamworks makes it easy to simplify tasks and share information so our team can focus on what matters.”

Memphis Grizzlies
Chantal Hassard
Vice President of Team Operations and Player Programs

“I have personally coached at the FCS and NAIA levels; the smaller your school and the more limited your staff, the more you need Teamworks. When managing one-hundred plus people,  it’s impossible not to see the value.”

Morehead State Football
Zack Moore
Defensive Coordinator/Linebackers

“Investing in Teamworks’ mobile communication tools is an opportunity for us to ensure that we have everyone in the right place at the right time all of the time, which is vital to our success on and off the field.”

Vanderbilt Athletics
David Williams
Vice Chancellor for Athletics and University Affairs and Athletics Director

“You can’t compare Teamworks to anything else you’ve seen. It’s like comparing apples and oranges. It’s just not possible.”

Iowa State Women’s Gymnastics
Jay Ronayne
Head Coach

“It’s efficient, it’s simple, and it’s fast. We all know in the athletic world that those three components are vital for success.”

Purdue Women’s Basketball
Terry Kix
Director of Operations

“Teamworks allows us to have a constantly evolving calendar that is still really consistent. The players can check it any day, any time. It keeps everything super simple.”

Notre Dame Softball
Deanna Gumpf
Head Coach

“I’m really glad we have it. I’m usually a really hard sell on this kind of stuff, but the more I used this, the more I understood why teams need it.”

Cincinnati Football
John Widecan
Associate A.D./Football Operations

“Teamworks allows us to focus more on winning games on the field, as opposed to being distracted or worried about keeping things organized off the field.”

Virginia Men’s Soccer
A.J. Barnold
Performance Analyst

“Some of our staff are extremely technologically savvy. And then I’m at the other end of the spectrum. The barometer I use is that if I can use Teamworks, anyone can use it.”

Duke Baseball
Chris Pollard & Josh Jordan
Head Coach & Associate Head Coach

How Syracuse Lacrosse

Syracuse Lacrosse coach John Desko talks about how modern technology and team communication are integral to success.

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“Witnessing the impact Teamworks has had on so many of our NCAA assets, we were excited to integrate Teamworks into our sales and customer service culture as well…Using Teamworks to communicate more efficiently with our representatives across the country gives us a distinct advantage in serving our clients.”

adidas Football
Mark Daniels
Vice President of Team Sports

“The Men’s Basketball Championship has so many moving parts from 68 participating teams to 14 host sites across the country…We are excited that Teamworks allows us to communicate and organize those moving parts cohesively while increasing our internal efficiency.”

NCAA – March Madness
Ron English
Director of Division I Men’s Basketball Championship

“Keeping everyone on the same page and communicating effectively and instantaneously is critical to running a smooth championship and providing a great experience to all Mountain West teams.”

Mountain West Conference
Dan Butterly
Senior Associate Commissioner

“If we’re not identifying and following athletes in the United States, we’re most likely traveling internationally with the national teams…Teamworks’ functionality will allow us to effectively manage communication with multiple amateur and professional national teams with players from all corners of the country.”

USA Baseball
David Perkins
Chief Operating Officer

“As a league, we took time this offseason to reevaluate internal operations and consider how we may ease or better facilitate our teams’ experience moving forward. With a 435-game regular season and teams in major markets across the United States and Canada, it was paramount for us to find a software that would enable us to keep everyone, from top to bottom, better connected on and off the pitch. We were pleased to find Teamworks’ solutions so well suited for league operations and are utilizing it to prepare for next season more cohesively and seamlessly than ever.”

United Soccer League
Jake Edwards

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