Complimentary Tickets

Complimentary Tickets: Features & Functionality

The Complimentary Tickets module was designed to make it easy for student-athletes to request their comp tickets on the mobile app by removing friction from the whole process. The key features and functions of this module are listed below and have continued to evolve with customer feedback.

Mobile Actions

Build Ticket Lists: on the go via your mobile app
Reserve or Transfer: tickets for guests with the click of a button 

Guest Approvals: Approve/deny/block guests on mobile, allowing increased flexibility, specifically if users are in the field and can’t log in to their computer

Allocations Dashboard

Export Allocations View: Export data related to allocations made it easier for admins to see who has used, unused, and transferred tickets.

Copy Allocations: Copy allocations from one event to another, making set up more efficient

Bulk Actions

Bulk Edit Allocations: bulk edit the initial allocations from the Specific Event screen - driving efficiency when building allocations for teams where athletes don’t all receive the same amount. 

Bulk Revoke Allocations: a multi-select function on the Specific Event page where the ticketing admin can bulk select student-athletes who shouldn’t receive tickets (in the instance they aren’t traveling) and then bulk revoke the previously assigned tickets.

Bulk Set Ticketing Windows: the ability to multi-select events on the Events page, allowing the user to set the open and close dates in bulk, thus creating different opening and closing windows for groups of events.

Bulk Copy Allocations: bulk copy allocations across multiple events, allowing multiple competitions to be built by simply clicking “copy allocations.”


Guest Information Export: Export guest information to a spreadsheet, giving admins a way to pull a master list of all guests in the system (also customizable)

Export Notes: Export event-specific notes that have been added to reservations 

Conditional Guest Fields

Create conditional guest fields, making it more efficient to add guests if certain information does not apply

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