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Teamworks is building a complete compliance solution; what does that mean?

Teamworks is building a centralized, one-stop shop for all compliance activities. The result will be a consolidated platform to serve all compliance needs where athlete rosters, calendars, communications, and forms already exis. This platform will not only support the compliance needs of your current student-athletes, but for your prospective student-athletes as well.

Why is Teamworks building a recruiting compliance platform?

Over the past ten years, Teamworks has built a reputation for leadership, expertise, innovation, and service, becoming a trusted technology partner for collegiate athletic departments. Teamworks is a platform where student-athletes engage daily, and the staff supporting them are seamlessly united. Teamworks continues to evolve this tech ecosystem, and is excited to announce plans to build a comprehensive compliance solution, including recruiting compliance. This compliance module will seamlessly integrate with the foundational scheduling, communication, and user management elements within Teamworks Hub, resulting in a complete compliance solution allowing customers to consolidate all of their compliance needs with one vendor, saving both time and money. With this added functionality, student-athletes will have all their compliance needs in one place, and so will the compliance team.

Will this replace the need for other compliance tools?

The current roadmap is to develop a recruiting compliance platform by 2024. At that time, collegiate organizations will no longer need a separate compliance tool to run alongside Teamworks to perform recruiting compliance functions.

What compliance features are available now, and what will be available in the future? 


Teamworks Compliance
- Comp Ticketing / Admissions
- Forms / Basic Workflows
- Travel Participation

Whistle Recruiting
- Recruiting Communications (Mass Messaging)
- Scores & Schedules
- War Boards
- Groups / Contacts

- NIL Reporting


Teamworks Compliance
Roster Management 
- Automated / Advanced Workflows 
- Recruiting Compliance (Admins)

Whistle Recruiting
- Eval Pipelines 
- Questionnaires 
- Contact & Evaluation Logs

Who can I contact if I'm interested in learning more?

If you are a current customer, connect with your Teamworks Account Executive or Customer Success Manager for more information. New customers can fill out this form, and a representative will contact you.

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