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I'm a current Grafted or NextPlay customer, how does this impact our current 2023 subscription?

Nothing changes. For customers with a Grafted or NextPlay contract that extends beyond this season, we will honor the contracted rate. For customers with a contract that will expire in 2023, we will reach out soon to discuss renewal options.

What is Teamworks Communities?

Teamworks Communities is a newly formed product from the acquisition and consolidation of Grafted and NextPlay, leaders in the collegiate alumni engagement space. Communities will be built on the Grafted platform, delivering expanded functionality and integration into Teamworks products, such as alumni connectivity and fundraising for NIL deals via the INFLCR app. The founding partners of the acquired companies will join Teamworks and continue to focus their expertise to push product innovation and integration within the Operating System for Sports™.

At what point will I need to transition from Next Play to Teamworks Communities and what will that process look like?

Next Play customers can begin transitioning you to Teamworks Communities at any time. 

NextPlay will continue to be supported through the end of February 2023.  All NextPlay customers will need to transition to Teamworks Communities by that time.  To begin the transition process, please reach out to Kyle Mumma at

Teamworks Communities will be built on the Grafted platform, so there will not be any transitions for current Grafted customers. However, when contract renewals and extensions are implemented, they will be prepared on a Teamworks contract.

I’m already a Teamworks customer, will I be offered a special rate?

We place high value in our existing relationships with collegiate athletic departments. As such, existing Teamworks Hub and Teamworks Elite customers will receive preferred pricing when adding Teamworks Communities to their existing Teamworks contract.

Who do I contact for Next Play support through the end of February 2023?

Kyle Mumma will continue to be the primary contact for NextPlay customers during the transition to Teamworks Communities. He is now working full-time at Teamworks will continue to be available to address your questions and to work with you throughout this process. Following your transition to Communities, you’ll be supported by the broader Teamworks Customer Success team, with access to a larger support team that will be available to address your questions in a timely manner, 365 days a year.

Are there technical gaps between the two products?

We have worked hard to ensure that all activities you currently conduct on the NextPlay platform will continue to be supported on Teamworks Communities. The functionality of the new platform will be very similar to the functionality of NextPlay, but with a more modern interface and significant technical improvements. Moving alumni engagement into the Teamworks product suite opens a wide range of new possibilities, including connectivity between Teamworks Communities and INFLCR Local Exchange to ensure that alumni can be actively engaged in your NIL efforts. Teamworks will continue to invest in this space and we are excited for what the future holds.

How can I learn more about Teamworks Communities?

Refer to for more information, or connect directly with Tyler Baker ( and Kyle Mumma (
Attend our product introduction video on February 2 - Register Here.

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