What collectives need to know about our fee-free marketplace

Your dollar can impact a higher number of student-athletes when you transact on INFLCR’s fee-free marketplace. It seems simple, and it is, but why pay transactional fees when you don't have to?

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One system for NIL

Collectives who use INFLCR’s Local Exchange can do the following:


  • View student-athlete’s profiles with detailed bios, social media data and more

  • Communicate NIL opportunities at scale


  • Officially propose NIL opportunities

  • Create contracts with student-athletes


  • Seamlessly pay student-athletes through the platform

  • INFCLR takes zero transaction fees on any NIL deals processed on the platform


  • Automatic disclosure for all payments and transactions

  • A single 1099s will be available to student-athletes (Collective are not responsible for sending individual 1099s)

INFLCR is the trusted leader in the NIL space, working with over 200 Division 1 athletic departments. Our ongoing mission is to empower student-athletes by offering a single, fee-free NIL system that can be used by Collectives, the business community, and the institution for all NIL activities.

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See how Michigan and the Victors Exchange have used INFLCR to streamline their NIL activities, maximize student-athlete wallet share, and drive NIL opportunities and success for their athletes.

Find out why $1 spent through INFLCR Local Exchange has more impact than $1 spent through any other exchange or marketplace.
(Hint: INFLCR takes ZERO transaction fees)

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