July 29, 2022

West Texas A&M Announces Partnership with Teamworks

West Texas A&M Announces Partnership with Teamworks

CANYON, Texas [July 29, 2022] – West Texas A&M Athletics has announced a new partnership with Teamworks, an industry leader in promoting efficient communications across collegiate and professional organizations.

"We are excited to be partnering with Teamworks as it will enhance our department’s functionality and effectiveness in every area,” said WT Director of Athletics Michael McBroom. “We look forward to having a centralized and streamlined communications system that will help increase our department efficiency and enhance the student-athlete experience.”

 The operating system will be used as a department-wide partnership to allow student-athletes and coaches to improve communications and share important information such as scheduling or team operations. Teamworks can be accessed through a centralized mobile app that will cultivate quick and efficient communication among teams and departments.

"Through our partnership with WTAMU, student-athletes will gain access to messaging, scheduling, travel, and more all in one place that's accessible at any time," Teamworks CEO, Zach Maurides said. "The Buffs investment in a centralized platform will save time for staff and increase efficiencies across all departments within athletics."

WT joins over 5,000 clients spanning all levels of college athletics and all major professional sports leagues. Teamworks is the industry standard in centralized communication for athletic organizations. Areas affected by the streamlined communication include training and academic scheduling, health and wellness, compliance, team operations, travel and electronic paperwork.


About Teamworks

Teamworks, the Operating System for Sports™, powers more than 5,000 sports organizations around the world, including collegiate athletic departments and teams across all of the major professional leagues. With U.S. offices in Durham, Birmingham, and Boston and employees in 25 states and eight countries, Teamworks’ software solutions drive the operations of the most recognizable sports properties in the world. For more information about Teamworks, visit www.teamworks.com.

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