November 3, 2022

Wolves become the 8th Premier League Club to Partner with Teamworks

Friday, November 4, 2022

Wolves become the 8th Premier League Club to Partner with Teamworks. 

Durham, NC [November 4, 2022]
Teamworks, the Operating System for Sports™, is pleased to announce its latest partnership with Wolverhampton Wanderers FC, a founding member of the Football League in 1888. The Wolves, which compete at the maximum level of English Football, mark the 8th club in the Premier League to choose Teamworks as their internal operating system.

“Wolves' club values are Progressive, Determined, Bright, Humble and Unity. The teamworks platform brings all of these together in one functionality. It ensures our players are getting the best possible experience off the pitch so there is a greater focus on playing the game and personal development. As a progressive club, teamworks is the natural next step towards improving performance and optimising our processes”, said Luke Joyce, Head of Academy Football Administration. “In the fast-paced environment that is professional football, player time is in high demand across many departments. The Teamworks platform helps our players, coaches, and other staff members remain better connected. It allows us to cut through the noise, avoid duplication, and ensure that we are making better use of the players' and coaches' time. It provides us with a streamlined operation and a consistent set of resources. The live scheduling and travel functions improve efficiency, allowing the club to communicate more effectively with our players and parents”

“We engaged with Wolves very quickly as it was clear we shared the same vision and values”, said Paul Dudley, Teamworks’ Vice President of Global & Enterprise. “It's a historic football club going through a great journey and we are very honoured to be in this ride with them to help them improve their internal operation system”

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