Why Do Athletes Matter?

July 18, 2018Think about the most impactful people you know. It could be the leader of your family, your boss at work or a powerful figure in politics. Now, try to think about what they have in common. According to the statistics, what trait are they likely to share? Chances are, at one time or another, they were athletes. For example: 95% of Fortune 500 CEOs are former athletes 94% of C-Level Female Executives are former athletes 72% of US Presidents in the last 100 years are former collegiate athletes My transition from DI athlete to entrepreneur was far from an easy process, and I continue to learn on the job, but the traits that were reinforced during my days as a player - hard work, discipline, perseverance, being a good teammate - are put to use on a daily basis here at Teamworks. The importance of winning with character means just as much within the four walls of an office as it did on the playing field.At Teamworks, we have a unique opportunity to work with some of the most elite athletic programs in the world. This unparalleled access allows us to see first-hand the extensive ecosystem that is put into place that empowers players to focus on achieving excellence, but at the heart of it all, communication and collaboration around shared goals makes the difference between “getting by” and getting ahead. I vividly recall how every member of our team - from the equipment managers to coaching staff, from the walk-on freshman to the four-year starter - was focused on the same goal. Any successful athlete, particularly those at the collegiate and pro level, will likely share a similar story.As our company grows, I rely on the skills I learned through athletics to ensure every single employee not only understands, but is fully motivated by our shared goals. At Teamworks, our mission is to engage and empower athletes. It’s who we are, what we do, and why we get out of bed in the morning to keep pushing the business forward. Simply stated: this mission drives us all.Each quarter, we gather as a team to both look back and assess our performance from the previous quarter and share insights into the plays we’ll run for the quarter ahead. We call them “Town Hall” meetings and I look forward to these regular touchpoints because communication and collaboration are key to our success. It’s also a great way to reinforce the principles that drive our business.During one of our recent Town Hall sessions, I wanted to review our company’s mission, to reframe our focus on players and organizations who support them, and most importantly, to remind ourselves of the tremendous impact athletes have on the world.We also took the opportunity to record this session and I would love for you to carve out a bit of time and check it out. It’s not a sales pitch – I promise – but it is a great reminder of the contributions athletes make to the world around us.

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