February 8, 2023

Whistle February Newsletter: New Features & Updates

Here's what we've been working on!


Video Compression: Reduced video size optimizes the messaging process

Whistle Pic Matching Update: Allows for additional information in Whistle Pic file name. For example, Patrick_Mahomes_WIDPic1.jpg will match contact “Patrick Mahomes”

Delivered Whistle Pics: Quickly identify what content has already been delivered within each prospect's profile media section


Post to Twitter: Your coaches accounts can now post directly to Twitter by clicking on the new megaphone icon at the top of the screen!

Social Messaging Update: Gives you the ability to browse and select from the team or coaches Twitter feed and “share” the link in the conversation

Push Notifications: Send coaches and staff a push notification straight to their phone


Chat with Support: Live product support Monday through Friday, 6am-8pm ET

Dynamic Smart Lists: Create personalized lists based on a specific search query

Sign-In with Teamworks: Automatically sign in through Teamworks app, as long as you're using the same email address

Printing Notes with Graphics: Graphics now included as an option when printing notes on prospects

List/Board Update: Maximize your lists with the ability to drag and drop contacts across different lists on boards view

WarRoom Integration: Quickly & easily sync Whistle with your existing WarRoom recruiting database

We are very excited about the features we are working to bring you this year! Stay tuned for more feature updates in 2023!

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