June 8, 2023

What’s Your NIL Value? INFLCR Can Now Tell You.

Knowing your worth is negotiation 101. But for student-athletes in the NIL era, that can be difficult. INFLCR’s latest product release takes another bold step toward solving this problem, helping student-athletes understand their value and make the most of NIL opportunities. 

INFLCR enables student-athletes to find NIL sponsorship deals, access educational materials, and manage financial and tax details. A July 2022 partnership with On3 enabled INFLCR users to access the On3 NIL Valuation – the gold standard for setting high school and college-level athletes’ market NIL value. This valuation incorporates millions of data points on performance, influence, and exposure to present market value in real-time, making it the most comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date Fair Market Value (FMV) index available. 

Now, Student-athletes can see their aggregate FMW within the INFLCR app. This provides the same validity as the previous On3 NIL Valuation without the need to visit a third-party website. The athlete can also view the channel-specific valuation, number of followers, and valuation change for each of the social media accounts linked to their INFLCR profile. This way, they know what they should be paid by sponsors for each post on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and other platforms. If they rank in the top 100 of the On3 NIL Valuation list, this will also be displayed. 

“Having INFLCR integrate with the On3 NIL Valuation will be huge for APSU student-athletes,” said Connor Volpe, compliance specialist at Austin Peay State University. “The valuation will give student-athletes a tangible number to know what their NIL is 'worth,' and they can use that as a marketing and negotiating tool when pursuing NIL deals. It will also help campus administrators better understand what NIL can do for student-athletes and their brand. It’s a big win for everyone.” 

The in-app FMV feature allows INFLCR partner schools to view athletes’ market value in the Compliance Ledger. They can also look at the compliance ledger to monitor deals and see what cumulative value these are providing. Companies can click on a student-athlete’s profile to view their follower count, engagement growth, and other relevant stats. 

“INFLCR’s new in-app Fair Market Value makes it easier for student-athletes to understand their worth in the marketplace and how it changes over time,” said Sean Kelly, INFLCR associate general manager. “This empowers them to negotiate fair sponsorship deals, avoid underselling themselves, and maximize their NIL earning potential.” 

Learn more about Fair Market Value and the other industry-leading features INFLCR provides.

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