August 3, 2023

Why the Western Bulldogs Went Elite

ICYMI, a few weeks back we announced the addition of new AFL & NRL teams joining the ranks of Teamworks Elite partners, including the Western Bulldogs. Recently, we sat down with Chris Grant, Head of Football, for the Western Bulldogs to hear more about their decision to level up and their experience working with us.

Why did you choose to become a Teamworks Elite partner?

Teamworks provides an elite platform for our players and staff to use that is simple and effective, bettering performance both on and off the field. Our program has become more efficient, with our players clear on their operational requirements during a busy week-to-week schedule.

What has your experience been so far working with Teamworks staff?

Our staff took very easily to Teamworks after a number of short sessions learning the program alongside friendly staff from around the globe. Implementing the program was a succinct process, giving our athletes the best chance to understand and use the app in a short space of time. Since implementation, Teamworks have only been a phone call away and have answered any questions we’ve had throughout the season.

How does being an Elite partner help you drive digital transformation and innovation within your club?

Part of the Elite package incorporates the INFLCR program, which has taken our digital innovation to new levels. Our players have up-to-date access to all content across their channels, giving more exposure to the Bulldogs brand. The simple app allows our players to download content at the touch of a button, post to their social media channels and view galleries from every game.
- Chris Grant, Head of Football at Western Bulldogs

What do you feel sets Teamworks apart from other vendors?

Teamworks’ simple and effective approach has made the program an everyday tool for our entire football program. Despite the range of technological options Teamworks has, the easy implementation and use have set it apart from the rest. The app has allowed for collaboration across the business and will be a key pillar of our off-field administration.

Is Teamworks Elite Right for You?

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