October 3, 2022

The Future of Recruiting Comes to Teamworks

The Future of Recruiting Comes to Teamworks

Earlier this year, Teamworks announced a Series D $50 million financing round, putting us in a position to continue building the best products for our customers and acquiring the leading sports technology and talent. Today, in announcing the acquisition of Whistle Recruiting and RecruitSuite, we are continuing to solidify our position as the comprehensive platform that serves as the Operating System for Sports™.

Teamworks started in team communication and scheduling and quickly moved into adjacent spaces by operationalizing travel, time management, and academics. We studied collegiate name, image, and likeness (NIL) and picked the best company in the space, INFLCR, to join us. We recognized the growing demand for personalized, data-driven sports nutrition and aligned with Notemeal to further build out the support of the elite athlete. After identifying the increasing complexities surrounding collegiate recruiting communications, we have recognized Whistle Recruiting as the industry leader.

In the past year alone, we have seen recruiting change dramatically with the transfer portal, NIL's expanding role, and how recruits engage with coaches. As a result, the staffing counts in recruiting offices are growing, and the landscape has become more competitive than ever. Coaches and staff need to evolve their recruiting approach - engaging on several different platforms across hundreds of potential recruits while making each athlete feel special.

Whistle and RecruitSuite lead the way in driving innovation and excellence in recruiting communications for collegiate athletics. Under the Whistle banner, Teamworks will now provide industry-leading technology to drive engagement with recruits in a personalized and efficient manner. We are pleased to bring Luke and the Whistle team on board to lead our recruiting efforts and to support Ben and the Stacked Sports team in their continued endeavors within collegiate athletics. 

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