February 8, 2023

Teamworks Provides Visibility to Athletic Departments

It's nearly impossible to stay in the loop with all the activities within an Athletic Department…unless you have Teamworks. With dozens of teams all on different schedules, road trips, and home games, Athletic Directors and senior staff find it challenging to know where their teams and coaches are and what time they're coming and going. Teamwork solves that problem by giving your athletic department a master calendar to track everything.

Athletic Directors have found massive value in the Teamworks master calendar, allowing them to see what's happening all over campus, from practice to class, to study hall, and who's away on the road. This complete visibility unlocks a powerful opportunity to make an impact.

For example, one AD tells us that if they find an open 45 minutes, they look at the Teamworks master calendar to see what teams are practicing that afternoon. This visibility allows them to swing by and show support for the coaches and the team, acknowledging hard work and dedication to the institution. Teamworks empowers these little gestures that can go a long way to show your appreciation and engagement with the department. 

Check out the video to learn more:

If you like with you see, reach out to learn more about how Teamworks can bring value to your athletic department.

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