How Teamworks Keeps UVU Volleyball Up to Speed

Daniel CorotanAssistant CoachWomen's VolleyballUtah Valley UniversityWhat are the biggest benefits you’ve seen from using Teamworks?Time-SaverTeamworks allows us to be much more efficient, which helps us save valuable time. We used to print out a calendar for each month and give that to the players. Almost immediately after we printed it, we would get a phone call that something had changed. With Teamworks, we have a calendar that we can update and send out alerts, which has made a huge difference for us. Now, we spend less time going over calendar items and more time focusing on how we can be more successful on the court.AccountabilityWe know we can rely on Teamworks for our organization and communication. Our players are sure that they are receiving every message. They don’t say, “Oh, I didn’t know,” anymore. I know for sure that if they’re checking Teamworks, and we’re sending out the alerts, they’re getting it. That helps us hold the players accountable for the information on the calendar.How has Teamworks helped your players?Teamworks has helped our players stay up to speed on our daily schedule. If anything changes, they are alerted. We also send reminders before practices so the players are on the court ready to go right when practice starts, which has helped us make the most of our practice time. The players have quickly learned that they can find the answers to the majority of their questions in Teamworks.How has Teamworks impacted your team's travel?Each time we traveled, I used to have to create a new itinerary. On Teamworks, I just input the time and event, and it auto-populates the information where it needs to be. That is really helpful. When we're on the road, Teamworks allows us to easily make any adjustments to our plans and send the updates to the whole team. On my phone I can make a schedule change, send out an alert and be done within a minute.What has implementing Teamworks changed for you, personally?Teamworks helps me do my job to the best of my ability. I have a calendar that is always updated with everything I need, which helps me work as efficiently as possible. Right on the main page after you log in, it tells you what tasks you have for that day. It is really helpful because I don’t even have to check my calendar to see my schedule for the day. Teamworks makes being organized so much easier.It also made communication easier, especially with group messages. I just hop on the computer or my phone and type them out. I generally prepare messages to the whole team on my computer; it’s just easier for me.How do the players feel about using Teamworks?We invested in Teamworks because the players love it. It’s a lot easier for them than our previous system, and it simplifies communication within the team. We went through the free trial period with Teamworks for the first few months, and we constantly asked the players how they felt about it. They love being updated and having the calendar always available on their phones. We’re able to put their class schedules on Teamworks as well, which gives them another resource to help them stay more organized. Now, our players are in the habit of checking Teamworks all throughout the day.

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