October 4, 2021

Uniting with Notemeal to Optimize Sports Performance

We are in the constant pursuit of empowering athletes through the power of technology as we continue to develop the platform that serves as the operating system for elite athletics.

We started in team communication and scheduling, and quickly moved into adjacent spaces by operationalizing travel, time management, and academics. We studied collegiate name, image, and likeness (NIL) since it was far on the horizon and picked the best company in the space, INFLCR, to join us in preparation for July 1, 2021.

Now we’re doing it again as we welcome Notemeal into the Teamworks family. Personalized, data-driven sports nutrition is on the fast rise in elite athletics as sports organizations prioritize investments that help athletes create a competitive advantage through their fueling decisions.

Over the past decade, sports organizations have been increasingly focused on investing in an ecosystem for holistic athlete wellness. This begins with an investment in headcount – bringing specialists on staff for every facet of the athlete’s life. Next comes physical investment – a build out of the athlete environment, including facilities and equipment.

Once the ROI limits have been reached on people and infrastructure, we see investment in technology. This inflection point has been reached for athlete nutrition – sports organizations are turning to technology to elevate dietitians, chefs, fueling centers, and team kitchens in their ability to serve the athlete.

At Teamworks, we are continuing to expand our offering of technology solutions focused on comprehensive, cohesive support of the athlete. Sports performance is about developing and maintaining the bodies of athletes so that they can optimize physical performance. Notemeal is the best solution on the market that serves that very purpose for nutrition.

I am excited to bring Sean, Kevin, and the entire Notemeal team on board to help us deliver increased impact to every organization that we serve. I hope you will join us in officially welcoming Notemeal to the Teamworks family. Sign up for our webinar on Tuesday, October 26th, to learn more about our investment in Notemeal and our future in serving the athlete in the sports performance space.

Onward and upward,

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