November 26, 2018

‘Twitter Scrub’ Helps INFLCR Clients Clean Up PR Problems

Twitter scrub protects athletes by screening tweets and flagging inappropriate content.

It has happened so many times. An athlete scores a big moment in the spotlight based on performance, only to end up in the headlines for something discovered in their social-media past.

Yesterday’s Tweet can become tomorrow’s controversy. It’s a real-time PR nightmare for the athlete and the team he represents, as Final Four Outstanding Player Donte DiVincenzo of national champion Villanova learned the hard way last spring.

Or more recently, when Heisman winner Kyler Murray of Oklahoma apologized for tweets he made years earlier as a teenager.

To get out front on avoiding situations like this, Influencer (INFLCR)  has introduced a new feature that can analyze up to the most recent 3,200 tweets for each client student-athlete entered into the system: Twitter scrub. This feature concentrates on flagging posts that include curse words or other potentially problematic content. Clients can also track current posts in real time, receiving notifications that can be viewed via a convenient INFLCR dashboard.

It is important to note that the software does not remove the Tweets — that still must be done by the individual if they choose to do so — but the service gives clients the opportunity to coach their student-athletes on the potential issues that could be created by old posts coming back to harm them.

“Student-athletes have to be ready for the moment,” INFLCR founder and CEO Jim Cavale says. “They work too hard on the field to not be ready for the big moment they have earned off the field. One way we empower them to do so is by scrubbing their Twitter accounts to find anything that they should take down.”

The service is a teaching tool as much as a brand-protection tool, Cavale says.

“As kids grow up, they do things that they may not have meant or may not have known the implications of, and a lot of those things happen on social media because it is so easy to write or put something out there without thinking about it,” he says. “We’ve seen this happen and hurt many of the personal brands and team brands out there.

“But with INFLCR, not only can they receive content from their team and push it through their social media accounts to grow their personal brand in the context of the team brand they represent, but they can also learn some things that exist on their social medias that they should just take down. Our Twitter scrub helps them do that. We’re excited about this and what it has already done to help the programs we are serving.”

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INFLCR is a SaaS platform for sports team properties to store, track and deliver their content across their influencer network of athletes, coaches, former athletes, media, etc. Each influencer can access their personalized gallery of content on their INFLCR mobile app, which they can use to download and share specific content to their social media platforms, with all influencer user activity tracked back to an INFLCR dashboard for the sports team properties. In its first year, INFLCR has signed and renewed software subscription partnerships with more than 20 college, high school and professional sports team properties, including iconic college sports team brands like the University of Miami Football and the University of Kentucky Men’s Basketball. For more information or to request a demo, visit

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