May 2, 2023

Top 5 HPO Integrations for NHL Teams

Integrating input from multiple systems into a human performance optimization (HPO) platform like Smartabase helps NHL teams increase player availability, reduce injury risk, and improve performance. Below we explore some of the most popular integrations for NHL teams.

Velocity-Based Training: GymAware

GymAware is a velocity-based training (VBT) system widely used in professional hockey. It enables strength and conditioning (S&C) coaches to keep tabs on players’ speed and power output in real time. Keeping within certain ranges helps athletes progress faster and more efficiently. HPO integration allows coaches to compare a session against previous workouts so they can identify trends and make beneficial programming changes. Combining VBT data with other metrics in dashboards provides an overview of performance and readiness.  

GymAware Smartabase Integration

Performance Testing: Hawkin Dynamics and VALD

Force plates assess how much power a player generates. This establishes individual baselines during preseason that are used to evaluate progression for the rest of the year. Importing this output into an HPO platform allows performance staff to see how force production changes in response to training. If a player’s numbers dip, their readiness could be compromised by excessive load exposure or under-recovery. Staff can then make adjustments that reduce injury risk and ensure the player is still available for selection. 

Vald Smartabase Integration

Load Monitoring: SMT and Catapult 

SMT’s Infrared Puck- and Player-Tracking system generates more than a million 3D coordinates/data points in each regulation NHL game. Catapult units capture different load monitoring information, and an integration imports data from the league-wide SMT system and normalizes it. The combined data sets are fed directly into an HPO system like Smartabase, which creates load management reports. Performance staff can present simple information to coaches and work with them to adjust load exposure so that players recover better between training sessions and stay fresh for games.  

Catapult Smartabase Integration

Strength & Conditioning: BridgeAthletic and TeamBuildr

BridgeAthletic and TeamBuildr enable S&C coaches to design and implement offseason programming to improve readiness when players report for preseason camp. During the season, these systems help S&C coaches ensure that players stay durable while preserving power, strength, and speed. Integrating S&C data into an HPO platform makes it easier to get players game ready without overtraining, which can compromise effectiveness during games and predispose them to injury and illness. With complete data at their fingertips, performance staff take a safe and proactive approach to player preparation. 

Smartabase TeamBuildr Integration

Hydration: Rice Lake Scales

Even minor dehydration can compromise physical and mental performance, which is why weighing in and out is useful. Smart scales enable staff to assess each player’s hydration status and provide customized recommendations for the type and size of beverages they need before, during, and after practices and games. This helps them avoid potential health issues. Hydration information is viewed alongside game and practice data in Smartabase to ensure players stay hydrated in all sessions. Hydration status is integrated with players’ nutrition plans so that practitioners can optimize fueling strategies for performance, recovery, and well-being.  

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The physiological demands of pro hockey make it vital for staff to have access to complete, updated, and comprehensive player data. By integrating these systems with Smartabase, it’s easier to keep players available and healthy, reduce their injury risk, and increase their output on the ice. HPO integration also helps hockey clubs maximize ROI from existing systems and unite the data from these in a single, centralized platform that makes information actionable. 

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