April 15, 2021

The Players Trunk Joins As A New INFLCR Verified App For Pro And Former Collegiate Athletes

INFLCR’s Verified Apps community grows with the addition of The Players Trunk. The Players Trunk helps bring player-owned, team-issued, and game-worn gear directly from former collegiate athletes to their fans.

Collegiate athletes will only have the opportunity to utilize their account on The Players Trunk once they have exhausted their eligibility. Former and professional athletes on INFLCR can access The Players Trunk and start earning from their trunks this month.

The Players Trunk has “items once belonging to more than 450 players from more than 100 schools, from sports including basketball, football, baseball, softball, volleyball, lacrosse and more. Items can be searched by a specific player’s trunk, or sorted by school” (The Undefeated).

“This partnership with INFLCR/Teamworks allows former student-athletes to continue to take control of their name, image, and likeness while building their own brands,” said The Players Trunk Co-Founder Austin Pomerantz.

“We’re excited to help thousands of athletes sell their game-worn and player exclusive gear while also providing fans unprecedented access to their favorite athletes. This partnership further recognizes The Players Trunk as a key marketplace to help athletes monetize themselves.”

A Player’s Trunk

Athletes will pack their own trunk and ship it off to be sold on The Players Trunk website. A player’s trunk is composed of items like jerseys, shoes, shooting shirts, warmups and more.

INFLCR will provide athletes with access to The Players Trunk after their eligibility expires, education on best practices, and reporting capabilities.

In-App Access

Athletes can use INFLCR Exchange to go directly to the third-party site. From there, they’ll start the process of setting up their account with The Players Trunk.

In-App Education

INFLCR’s Storyteller Playbook will house education on best practices for selling their gear, and how to pack their trunk.

In-App Reporting

Reporting features will allow athletes to input their gear sales with The Players Trunk directly within INFLCR. Giving them one central location to see their trunk’s revenue.

“An athlete’s stint in college is prime real estate for building their brand and connecting to the fan base surrounding their school,” INFLCR founder and CEO Jim Cavale said. “Preparing them to take advantage of the community they’ve built after their eligibility is up is what makes The Players Trunk presence on INFLCR so unique.”

Players will utilize the INFLCR platform to promote their team and personal brand during their collegiate years, and then send them to The Players Trunk to capitalize on that hard work post college. Creating opportunities for athletes post college, whether they go pro or not, is exactly why INFLCR is bringing The Players Trunk into the fold.

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