October 10, 2023

The Evolution of Teamworks Hub

The path to more wins on the board is paved with countless challenges - especially for athletes as they strive for excellence on and off the field. But often, they grapple with disorganization, miscommunication, and the ever-present tug of competing interests. These timeless struggles were not lost on Zachary Maurides, co-founder of Teamworks. A former collegiate football player himself, he intimately understood the daily hurdles that athletes and their teams faced.

It was out of this understanding and a relentless commitment to improving the game that Teamworks Hub was born with a simple, yet significant ‘shared calendar’ - a groundbreaking innovation back in 2006 when apps and synced technologies weren’t even a thing! At its core, Hub aimed to centralize information and make it easily accessible via SMS messaging to the entire supporting team - from coaches to athletes, and everyone in between.

Fast forward to today, and Teamworks Hub is not only a testament to our founder's vision but a pioneering force in the sports industry. Collegiate athletics and professional sports have identified Teamworks Hub as an integral tool for streamlining operations, aligning calendars, and being the main source of truth for communications. 

Hub has grown to be one of the (if not THE) most used apps by student-athletes and players. With a focus on bringing all the important information that an athlete needs on and off the field into one app, Hub has built the trust and muscle memory with athletes – if you need answers, “just check Teamworks”. This is not just a concept for a few high-performing early adopters, our data shows that app use has grown significantly across the board. Here are some interesting stats from the month of September:

  • At the collegiate level,  an average of 5,261 logins occur from student-athletes on a daily basis, and 1,954 appointments are set daily (up nearly a combined 60% from 2022).

Within the last year, it’s clear athlete use has increased as tech adoption is spread more widely throughout organizations. It’s indicative of the tremendous growth Teamworks has experienced -  adding seven new purpose-built technologies into our ecosystem, each designed to enhance the athlete experience with a fully connected and integrated Operating System for Sports to support the entire athlete lifecycle. This vision of an integrated ecosystem is built on the original belief that if you can connect the people, processes and information dissemination, simply, everyone will perform better. Teamworks Hub is the simple solution. It is the backbone of this connection.  

“Hub is the one place where everything is anchored, and everything ties back- you can manage rosters, communication, scheduling, and much more,” said Mark Morris, VP and GM of Collegiate Sales at Teamworks. “Teamworks Hub plays such a huge role in the current and future integrations because athletes around the world use it; they log into the app to see what's going on and what they need to do. Because of this, we are connecting our technologies into one app- pulling the critical information together for the athlete in one centralized location - Teamworks Hub.”

Teamworks Hub is the technology that facilitates seamless connection with all other products within the Operating System for Sports. Each product stands alone, providing a solution for athletes and their support teams in one specific area - from performance to nutrition, personal branding to compliance. But together with Hub, greater connectivity is unlocked, making it easy for both athletes and administrators to streamline their operations and communications.  

Hub connects the dots, aligns the team, and empowers the athlete.

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