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At Teamworks, we strive for excellence in efficiency and communication. Minnesota's Adam Clark discusses how that makes the Golden Gophers' football team better.Adam ClarkDirector of Football Operations/Assistant AD for FootballUniversity of MinnesotaWhat is the importance of communication in your role and for the entire department?Communication is number one. Everyone has to know what’s going on. If they don’t, they can’t execute the plan. Communication is huge in athletics. We have to communicate with the stadium, compliance, marketing and other outlets. With the football team alone, we’re moving 100 to 115 guys to different places throughout the year. If you don’t communicate, it doesn’t work.How would you describe the value of Teamworks?Teamworks makes our team better. It helps us stay organized. We work a lot of long days, and Teamworks saves us time all throughout the day, with everything we are doing. It’s so easy to jump on your phone or computer and shoot a message out to the whole team about a last minute schedule change. The fact that you can do everything right from your phone makes Teamworks extremely valuable. I have recommended Teamworks to many people in many different places without hesitation. What do the athletes think about Teamworks?They use the messaging; text, email and voice calls all the time. Those are all huge with the players. We load all their academic and weightlifting information so if the trainers or staff need to schedule an appointment, they can see when they’re available. They love that they can access all that information from their phones.How did the staff respond to Teamworks?They understand the importance of communication and organization. With Teamworks, you can keep everything all in one place. You can keep notes on players or staff. You have academics and weight lifting information with you everywhere you go. Teamworks is a one-stop shop. The staff were on board right away.

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