Tennessee Baseball: Teamworks is Specialized for Our Needs

Chip DillFormer Assistant Baseball CoachUniversity of TennesseeWhat would you say is the most challenging part of your job?The biggest challenge for me is making sure everyone is on the same page on a daily basis. I need to make sure practices are going smoothly, all of the communication is accurate between the coaches and players, and we’re all working together effectively.Why did you decide to start a trial of Teamworks?Whether or not we are communicating effectively is a big part of how we measure the success of our program, and we needed to find a way to streamline the process. Having to manually search through your contacts and select 26 players for a group text takes up time that you could be spending on a more important task. We also wanted to make sure that the information we shared with the team was being received. When you look at all the ways Teamworks keeps your program organized, it’s an easy decision.How would you compare Teamworks to some of the other organizational tools you’ve seen?We tried a couple of different apps, and nothing compares to Teamworks. You guys do a good job of setting it up with class schedules and other data unique to our team. It was specialized for us as soon as we started using it. It’s been really helpful.What would you say to other programs that aren’t using Teamworks?Using group texts and bulletin boards to try to stay in communication with your team is cumbersome. Teamworks is incredibly easy to use and makes keeping everyone on the same page really simple. It works really well. What Teamworks is selling is exactly what you’re getting.

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