#TeamworksFamily Feature: Marquette LAX's Joe Amplo

Joe AmploHead CoachMen's LacrosseMarquette UniversityWarm-up RoundFavorite Movie: Seven.Favorite Food: Lasagna.Childhood Idol: Gary Carter.Non-sports hobby: Reading.Vacation Spot: Beaches of Long Island.What drives you?Being around great people motivates me to be successful. I love for people to challenge me. Being around good teams in an environment that is striving towards excellence is what drives me each day.As a former player, how did you get into coaching?Early in my career I knew I wanted to be a coach. I thought it would be at the high school level, but I was fortunate enough to be offered a position just out of college, working with Coach Danowski when he was at Hofstra. He is now the head coach at Duke University. When he offered me an opportunity to work on his staff, I jumped at the chance.Who are your mentors?Coach Danowski is my biggest mentor and one of my greatest friends. Seth Tierney, the head coach at Hofstra, is also a good friend and mentor of mine. I worked for him for a couple of years. Also, the people I’m lucky enough to be around now at Marquette. There’s about twenty people I could mention, and all of them are my mentors on a daily basis. I have a very good support staff around me.What advice would you give to your former self?Enjoy the process a little bit more, and do not get so tied to results. Enjoy each moment, the positives and the negatives, successes and failures. There is something to be learned from every experience. As a young coach I probably didn’t look at it that way. I was so result-driven; but now, I’m really trying to focus on processes. You never know when it’s going to end, so it's important to appreciate the journey.What is your key to success?The thing we focus on most here at Marquette is the relationships. Human resource is really strong within our culture. We really care about our players. That’s at the forefront of how we look at this whole coaching thing.Do you have a favorite inspirational message?I’m an avid reader, so my favorites change each time I read a new book. I try to stay current and relevant. We’re working on a great book right now called, Legacy by James Kerr, about the All Blacks from New Zealand. It’s one of the better books I’ve ever read. The quote that we took away from it is, “No pressure, no diamonds.” That’s what we’re forcing on our team at the beginning of this semester. Accept the pressure, because without pressure, you’re not going to get what you really want out of it.

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