UVA Men's LAX on How Teamworks Opens Communication Channels

Peter KrawczykOperations AssistantUniversity of Virginia What challenges did UVA Lacrosse face before implementing Teamworks?Previously, most of the day-to-day communication with our players came from me or my assistant coaches. Now our whole department is using Teamworks, and our sports medicine staff, equipment staff, media relations staff and compliance staff all have one convenient place where they can go to contact our players directly. Teamworks has opened up the communication channels between the entire staff and the players so everyone is on the same page. I no longer have to worry about being in the middle as the communication relay. Also, our athletic trainer can see everyone's calendar, which makes scheduling doctor’s appointments much easier. Teamworks has been an extremely useful tool for keeping everyone up to date.How have the athletes responded to Teamworks?The athletes have responded positively. I was looking at the log-in numbers from this past year and there are several players who have logged in over 300 times on the mobile app. Our athletes are checking the practice plan everyday, which is helping them stay on top of their appointments. In the past, the players wouldn’t have seen the practice plan until they showed up in the locker room in the afternoon. Sending them out in advance has functioned as a motivator for them and helped them to be mentally prepared.How would you rate Teamworks’ customer service, training and implementation?It has been a great experience. Across the board, everybody was brought up to speed quickly and became fluent in using the system within just a couple days of using it. The Teamworks staff has been extremely responsive to any questions or issues we’ve had. It has been a strong back and forth between Teamworks and our staff.What would you say to programs that have never heard of Teamworks?They’re really missing out! Our program straddles an interesting line between doing things we’ve always done and doing new things we’ve never done before. Being able to communicate with everybody and keep tabs on every part of the department has really helped the players and coaches. We don’t have to wrangle with the class schedules anymore, and we have a clear idea of where all of our players are. Teamworks is a one-stop shop for all of our needs. If our staff is texting every player individually everyday, time is lost. Teamworks is a much easier way to communicate. I would definitely recommend Teamworks to other programs.

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