Client Testimonial: UVA Football

Gerry CaponeAssociate AD for Football AdministrationUniversity of VirginiaHow would you best describe Teamworks to somebody who is not familiar with it?You can say a lot, but when you get Teamworks in front of you and start actually using it, everything comes together. After that, it really just becomes a no brainer. Teamworks really improves our organization as a whole. It allows us to be a lot more organized and helps save us time. Since using Teamworks, we have the chance to be detail oriented and to do things we couldn't before because we are so much more organized. There are not enough hours in the day to do half of what we do. Without being organized, it's very difficult to manage what we're trying to manage. Organization is absolutely the key, and Teamworks helps us with that.What was your previous experience with Teamworks?It started a long time ago when we had conversations where Zach had this thought and this concept that he wanted to make real. To be perfectly honest, what drove me was the passion and persistence coming from Teamworks. That's what really said to me that this must be a great product. That opened the door for us, and when the staff came in to actually demonstrate how we could communicate better and bring everybody in the loop, it was a no brainer. There are so many people involved in football, or any athletic department. Back in the old days it was pretty easy to get everyone together for a quick meeting. Now, it's very difficult to get everybody in the same room without having to reschedule three or four times. Teamworks is a device that allows for instant communication and the opportunity to get everyone on the same page. It's very simple to use and it allows me to reach a lot of people.How have your athletes responded to Teamworks?It's been very positive. They're all into this texting communication, so it's great on the receiving end for them. Our players also use iPads, which has been an added bonus for us as a communication tool with Teamworks. They're able to pull up any information we're sending them instantly, and that has been really great for us.What problems does Teamworks solve that were not being addressed?It used to be very time consuming to contact people. There were a lot of layers involved. I think it condenses those steps. Before, there would be several emails and you had to fish through a string of different messages to find anything. With Teamworks, it's right at your fingertips. Everything is very accessible and that makes things much easier for us as a staff. I can get in touch with everyone at the touch of a button.What are some day-to-day examples of how you use Teamworks?The beauty for our staff is that everyone is going to one area to contact people. When anything needs to be updated, it's being updated in a consistent place. We used to have two or three different sets of numbers going around, which wasn't effective for us. With Teamworks, everything is together and it's been a great point of reference for our staff. The organization is really the key for us.Once we got everyone on the system, everyone said "wow, this is really good". You can say a lot, but when you get it in front of you and start actually using it, it all comes together and just becomes a no brainer.How would you rate Teamworks’ training, implementation, and customer service?The training process went very smoothly. The Teamworks staff is very responsive, and they were determined to make this a smooth transition for us. Meeting with everybody kind of got us running and then we really went from there. I would rate the service at the top. The service has been exceptional in that you guys are very quick to get back to us, and that's not easy to do when you're dealing with this many people. It's very difficult to stay so responsive when you're dealing with a lot of clients, but that hasn't been an issue for you guys. That has been crucial for us in seeing that we made the right decision to go with Teamworks. You guys are also very open to suggestions and ideas to improve what we do and how we do it, and you've made some adjustments that not only add to your system but also improve it.Would you recommend Teamworks to others?Absolutely. If you don't try Teamworks, you'd be foolish. Once you do try it, it's impossible not to see the value. Things get complicated, and your system is user friendly. It's concise and easy to get through. It just works better than trying to memorize things we have seen in other systems. Your system touches the masses. We tried to have our support staff use our recruiting software, but they found it too difficult to pick up. When you guys came in and showed us what you had, it was very user friendly and very direct. It was easy for all of our staff to get involved. Now, our recruiting software and Teamworks really work well together.You need to try it. People will make their own decision, and that decision, I would bet, would be to go with Teamworks. It makes sense and everyone is skeptical, because there are a lot of things out there. But I would say try it out and the answer will be pretty quick. I'm sure it will be a positive one.

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