How UCLA Softball Improved Time Management & Accountability

Kelly Inouye-PerezHead CoachUCLA SoftballWhy did you decide to implement Teamworks?We have a large staff and team so it’s always tricky to stay on top of everything from meetings to practices. It can be hard to be consistent with messaging by just relying on texts or emails. Kirk Walker, our assistant coach, spoke with somebody on the UCLA football staff regarding a new system they were using—Teamworks—that really helped get everyone within our department on the same page and in the same line of communication. As a staff we decided communication is the most important part of running a successful program, and Teamworks allows us to do exactly that.What first caught your attention about Teamworks?The first thing was that we now have the ability to see everybody’s schedules and drop in appointments according to what is open. That is great for us as coaches to check availability and where everybody is. Scheduling appointments is so easy and efficient. Teamworks allowed us to align our communication and scheduling, which had a powerful impact on the whole program.What are some examples of how Teamworks has helped your program?SchedulingThe biggest thing that we most consistently capitalize on is setting up meetings. We are able to alert all of the right people consistently, whether it’s players, coaches or whichever staff needs to be notified. It is so much easier than before.Tracking On-field PerformanceWe have gone further to use the Metrics part of Teamworks that allows us to test players on the field. We have our managers input the information and we’re able to print out charts of progress the same day. It’s been absolutely outstanding.Distributing and Accessing informationWe can now add files that we have historically printed and electronically store documents and handbooks on Teamworks. All of the information is available in one spot. It’s so easy to change and update without having to print out all of the new materials.How have the athletes responded to Teamworks?The athletes absolutely love it because their schedules are so easily accessible now. Their whole schedule pops up right on their phones or their iPads throughout the day. Instead of having to remember everything, they get reminders sent directly to them. They like the ability to get messages quickly and efficiently. The athletes love being able to access their personal metrics to help set goals for the season. It’s helped them so much with time management and personal accountability.How has the staff responded to Teamworks?In the beginning, everyone had his or her own system. But after the training process, we all adjusted and now are able to properly utilize the group calendar and communicate with everyone. It was a quick process that was so rewarding in the end.How would you rate the implementation, training and overall customer service at Teamworks?Outstanding. There are so many products out there that are great ideas, but you have to figure out how to use them on your own, which is intimidating. Teamworks is not only such a helpful product that allows for easier communication and organization, but the customer service has been exceptional and allowed us to successfully change our approach to running our program.What would you say to a program that hasn't heard of Teamworks?Teamworks will simplify your world as a coach. It will provide clarity for your athletes, which will allow you to spend more quality time on things that you need to take care of on the field. I would absolutely recommend Teamworks to other programs. It’s not just a communication system, it impacts everyone involved in the program and is so powerful.

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