Teamworks’ Top 5 Tips for Teams Running Summer Camps

Running a smooth camp is all about communication. Keeping campers, parents and camp staff on the same page and in sync makes for a camp experience that reflects the quality of your program and keeps campers and their families coming back year after year.Teamworks is here to help handle the logistics and eliminate the confusion, so you can focus 100% on creating a great experience on the field or court. Here are our top 5 tips for running a successful camp this summer:1. Streamline paperwork from all camp workers, volunteers, and visiting coaches.With Teamworks, teams can collect all paperwork electronically from everyone involved with your camp. This means no hard copy printing, no scanning, no emailing attachments and no delays at the start of the camp getting those final copies completed. Simply send a copy of your camp forms, including medical waivers, tax forms, demographic information forms and even meal order forms to your Teamworks Account Manager, and they’ll take care of the heavy lifting.2. Make sure your emergency communication plan is rock solid.Always be prepared for the worst-case scenario. In the event of emergency, weather or injury, how quickly can you reach every camper, parent and camp staff member? Make sure everyone’s contact info is collected so you can reach them in an instant from your Teamworks mobile app.3. Keep campers and parents in the loop on the planned itinerary and any last-minute changes.Share camp calendars and itineraries automatically via Teamworks to eliminate scheduling confusion. When last-minute changes occur, send updates right from the app to keep everyone in the loop.4. Make sure facility use is smoothly coordinated.If you’re sharing facilities or meeting rooms for your camp with other sports or with the university, easily coordinate a shared schedule and communicate about setup and takedown requirements.5. Automate your communication to avoid scrambling in the moment.Set up all camp communications in advance, scheduling messages and alerts for specific days and times so you don’t have to rush to send out updates at the last minute. No more waking up early to send a beginning-of-the-day text.Want some help getting started? Reach out to your Customer Success Specialists!

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