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Friends,The new Time Management legislation adopted in January has the potential to create significant overhead not only for administrators and compliance officers, but also for the programs they oversee. Athletic departments across the country are scrambling to find an efficient solution to maintain compliance without restricting their teams’ ability to operate smoothly and remain competitive.We understand the stress and apprehension about the increased workload involved in attempting to achieve these critical goals.While this legislation has only been put into place recently, we’ve spent the last decade at Teamworks building and perfecting the solution to the student-athlete time management challenge. In fact, Teamworks was founded in 2004 by our CEO, Zach Maurides, out of his frustration as a student-athlete being constantly pulled in different directions by different staff members while at Duke. He experienced poorly coordinated time management first-hand and decided to fix it. .As you begin planning for the fall semester, the first and most challenging step in complying with the new legislation will be to efficiently consolidate and centralize the complete schedules of your student-athletes – not just practice and competitions, but everything from compliance meetings and workouts to fundraising activities and media appearances - in one location. What makes this so challenging is that full participation is required. The requirements of this legislation can not be met with a band-aid approach or a few extra forms to be collected and filed. Each institution’s success will depend on the participation of coaches, administrators and student-athletes, each of whom have different priorities and preferences. Only then can you put rules and reporting in place that not only control how those schedules are created and altered but that also allow you to proactively prevent conflicts and ensure compliance.Again, this has been our exact area of expertise for over a decade. We work with hundreds of thousands of student-athletes, coaches, staff and administrators. Teamworks centralizes all aspects of their daily schedules, and we make it dead simple for everyone to stay informed and on track. We’ve spent years learning from the absolute best in the industry and perfecting the Teamworks platform for this purpose. In short, we’ve got you covered.Since discussions about time management legislation picked up steam last fall, we have been conducting focus groups and feedback calls with directors of compliance, administrators, coaches, and student-athletes from over 30 Autonomous Conference schools. These individuals have guided the development of Teamworks’ new Time Management functionality, which is seamlessly integrated into the Teamworks Calendar and Communication tools that our customers rely on daily.More than half of Autonomous Conference institutions have implemented or are in the process of implementing Teamworks department-wide. We are actively scheduling calls with those that remain. We know that time is of the essence.To have one of our Time Management experts reach out to you with more information, click the link below. You can also schedule a time to sit down with us at NACDA. All the best,The Teamworks Time Management TeamBrian DavisSenior Enterprise AE32-Year Veteran of Athletic Academic Support at University of Texas, University of North Carolina & Iowa State UniverstiyBecca HarrisonCustomer Success Team LeadFormer Compliance Officer at NCAA & Purdue UniversityMitch HeathChief Operating OfficerAndrew MillerSr. Manager - Strategy & Operations

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