January 11, 2022

Teamworks strengthen partnership with PSN who become European Strategic Advisors

Teamworks, the leading operating system for elite athletics, strengthen partnership with PSN who become European Strategic Advisors.

From Premier Sports Network: Premier Sports Network is thrilled to be continuing its global sports growth and announce a newly formed strategic partnership with Teamworks, the leading operating system for elite sports organisations, to continue to provide best-in-class and innovative communication solutions.

LONDON, UK– [Tuesday, January 11, 2022]   After three years of working with Teamworks, Premier Sports Network (PSN) will oversee the expansion of the Teamworks offering across European territories in a strategic partnership through its connections. The Teamworks platform is positioned to support teams across Europe with all-in-one software solutions to strengthen player care and increase operational efficiencies– from scheduling and communication, to sharing files and managing travel, and more.

Player care is a focus point for professional sports organizations globally as they recognize the importance and value of supporting elite athletes both on and off the pitch. Over the last two years, sports have operated in a way they have never had to before with games and practices being canceled or postponed while players, coaches and staff being sequestered in their homes. This shift has created an increased need to lean into technology that supports players holistically.

“With the pandemic changing the landscape of sport, many clubs have had to adopt new strategies in order to engage with their athletes remotely,” said Spencer Hidge, Founder of Premier Sports Network. “Due to the amount of professional sports clubs using Teamworks, it was a very easy decision for me and everyone at PSN to join the Teamworks family and work more closely!”

Based in North America and established in 2004, Teamworks seeks to centralize communication and internal processes for teams while also providing the premium player experience. With circumstances surrounding sports still changing frequently, clubs need to remain agile and flexible to the current environment.

Over 150 professional teams around the world leverage Teamworks, including Chelsea FC, Arsenal FC, Boston Red Sox, and Seattle Kraken. Whether kicking off a brand new franchise, transitioning new coaches and staff, or seeking to streamline and update team processes, professional organizations rely on Teamworks to streamline the various moving parts surrounding professional athletes and provide them with best-in-class player care.

"We’re excited to expand our partnership with Premier Sports Network to aid in the strategic amplification of our software services as we deepen our presence and support of European sports organizations,” said Mitch Heath, Teamworks’ President of Global. “As Teamworks continues its international growth, we’re pleased to share a like-minded mission with PSN of delivering top-tier excellence to the global sports industry.”

About Premier Sports Network

Premier Sports Network is the largest private network to the global sports industry, connecting key stakeholders and suppliers across the world of professional sport to improve the performance of those working behind-the-scenes and drive the development of the professional sports industry. www.premiersportsnetwork.com


About Teamworks

Teamworks is the operating system for elite athletics, empowering more than 5,000 clients around the world to better connect and collaborate by simplifying their internal processes. Based in Durham, North Carolina, and founded in 2004, Teamworks continues to invest heavily in technology and expand the team to respond to the increasing customer demand. Organizations that depend on Teamworks to create a culture of communication and accountability include collegiate athletic departments across Division I, II, and III, professional teams in the EPL, Premiership Rugby, NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS and more. Visit www.teamworks.com for more information.

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