Client Testimonial: Seton Hill University Football

Issac CollinsHead Football CoachSeton Hill UniversityWhy did you first decide to implement Teamworks?I had done some research about two summers ago and found that the University of Virginia was working with Teamworks. We were looking for something operational that could help with our limited staff support. We wanted something that was going to be able to get us organized and make us mobile.We wanted an effective way to communicate with our players as well as being able to track their schedules when we needed to have meetings or practice changes. We wanted to be able to base our decisions around having the data in front of us as opposed to having to go through the files and pull out all their papers, which obviously takes time. We were looking for something that was for football operational procedures.What were the first aspects of Teamworks that you implemented?The first aspect we utilized was the scheduling module, which was great for us. Being able to get all of our athletes’ schedules in one place and have an idea of how we could map out our semester from a practice standpoint was huge. We could tell what guys were going to be missing and adjust our schedules.We were able to use the messaging system to communicate with our players through text, e-mail, and voice calls to send them reminders. The students have been trained that it is nearly impossible to be late or miss something because we have so many different ways of getting to them. They have their smart phones and their iPads so from our standpoint we’re able to connect to them in the way that our players are connecting to each other.How have the athletes responded to Teamworks?The athletes have responded really well. I think they enjoy it. In fact, when we don’t have something posted or we have a delay in the schedule, they’re quick to call and ask for the schedule to go up on Teamworks. It’s been nice that they anticipate having that schedule made for them. It’s been so helpful when we’ve traveled.The athletes know where they need to be and what time they needed to be there with plenty of reminders. It’s relaxing on the staff and allows us to stay positive because we don’t have to call the students every five minutes to keep them on their schedules. They always have their schedules on their smart phones and get reminders 15 minutes before any meetings.How has the staff responded to Teamworks?It’s been great. They use it very frequently in terms of being able to communicate with their position groups. Each coach that has different liaison duties, like academics or resident life, has been able to use Teamworks to communicate with the athletes. Everyone is connected and we can always contact the right people.How would you rate the implementation, training, and overall customer service of Teamworks?It was great. We’ve really enjoyed it. Whenever we’ve needed anything, we’ve been able to reach out to the customer service and get a quick solution. We haven’t had any issues that haven’t been resolved quickly.What would you say to a program that hasn’t heard of Teamworks?I don’t know how they survive without it. I would put a strong endorsement on Teamworks. It gives us an edge. We can’t all have a hundred folks working in support positions outside of coaching. Teamworks is a great way to centralize all of your information, have everyone on the same page, get you organized, and keep your athletes on task.

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