Santa Clara Baseball Fosters Culture of Integrity with Teamworks

Dan O'BrienFormer Head Baseball CoachSanta Clara UniversityWhat challenges were you trying to solve when you discovered Teamworks?We wanted to improve our organizational health and promote integrity within our program. We wanted to promote a culture of accountability.Why did you select Teamworks?We look at our program as a company. My job is not unlike the CEO of a company who is responsible for running a healthy organization. It’s ultimately my job to make sure the program operates as efficiently and as clearly as possible. Teamworks helps me do just that. In the short time that we’ve worked with Teamworks, our staff has definitely benefitted from using it.How does Teamworks support the culture you are trying to build within your program?We have our guys fill out their own calendars every Sunday night. They are also responsible for filling out their goals throughout the year, and they have to review their calendar and the goals every morning. In addition to helping us communicate better, Teamworks also helps our players develop valuable life skills such as integrity and accountability.How have the athletes responded to Teamworks?They really like it. We’ve always worked pretty hard on communicating, and Teamworks makes our lives easier and makes things clearer. The players really like the calendar and the things we’re helping them do on a daily basis, like organizing their time and staying on task.The mobile app is great for our athletes. They’re always on the move and don’t typically have a tablet or a computer in front of them. The app has been great for communication, especially short-term communication. If we need to get a hold of them in a hurry or change our plan, it’s easy and accessible.Have you noticed any changes when it comes to accountability?Yes. With Teamworks, we can see what our players are doing, which helps us hold them accountable. It also helps them learn to hold themselves accountable.How would you describe your experience with Teamworks Account Services?I really like the way you go about your business in terms of your customer service and the speed in which you reply to inquiries. Your professionalism and general accessibility have been great.

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