Client Testimonial: Saint Vincent College Football

Phil BokovitzAssistant Football CoachSaint Vincent CollegeWhat is the most challenging part of operations at Saint Vincent?Working at a DIII liberal arts school is tough because our student- athletes are involved in clubs or other extracurricular activities other than just football – on top of a full course load in tough majors. A big challenge for us was knowing where everyone was and figuring out when we could get people together at the same time.What were you looking for in a solution?The product needed to be easy to use and easy to explain to make sure the whole staff could use the product efficiently. We needed something user friendly because our older coaches, especially, can have difficulties adopting new technology.Why did you decide to start a trial with Teamworks?We saw the demo, and really liked the demo, but the big thing for us was the ability to have a trial. We weren’t buying something blind. We knew what we were getting after those 30 days. Being at a DIII school, we have a tight budget, so knowing exactly what we were getting with Teamworks was very important.What is your favorite part of Teamworks?The biggest thing for us at first was knowing where our players were throughout the day, especially with all of their extracurricular activities. However, we use the communication aspect of Teamworks the most. I personally love the ability to schedule text messages in advance. As coaches, we have a lot going on, and being able to sit down and plan out your weekly texts to your team is an awesome tool.How have the other coaches reacted to Teamworks?We all use it. All of the coaches really love the product. They enjoy having the ability to search just their position, see when they can get all of those guys in a meeting, and then shoot just those guys a text.How has the older generation responded to Teamworks?With the videos and how willing the Teamworks staff is to teach, our older coaches have really caught on. The interface is very easy to navigate and self-explanatory.How has the support staff reacted to Teamworks?We have our athletic trainers and strength and conditioning coaches on Teamworks. They really like using the system, which makes everything that much easier for us. When we put together an itinerary, they can login and know our weekend schedule based off of what we’ve already given our players through Teamworks.How have the athletes responded to Teamworks?It’s been awesome. Our players really love having the mobile app. We don’t have to make 100 copies of everything to pass out to everyone like we used to because everything they need is all right there electronically on their phone. It makes it easy for everyone to know what’s going on.What would you say to another program that does not have Teamworks?You need to seriously consider it. Get the trial and talk it over with the Teamworks staff. At DII or DIII schools, you’re coaching a couple of different positions, and you don’t have a football operations guy. Teamworks alleviates a lot of stress and saves you a lot of time, so you can go back to focusing on the X’s and O’s. It puts your program in a good situation to succeed because everyone is on the same page and understands what is expected of them.Would you recommend Teamworks to another program?Absolutely! I 100% would. Teamworks has helped our program out so much. I’m a firm believer in it, and I have already recommended it to other programs.

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