Client Testimonial: Purdue Women's Basketball

Terry KixDirector of OperationsPurdue UniversityWhy did you decide to implement Teamworks?Our compliance coordinator actually completed a long process comparing different products and trying out different types of opportunities for the entire Purdue athletic department. He ended up doing a demonstration with Teamworks and we felt it was a perfect product for the athletic department.What were some of the first things that caught your attention about Teamworks?Teamworks is efficient and easy-to-use, which I thought would be very important for all coaches and athletes that would be involved. Initially it was just a great way to organize our practice schedule. Everyone within our basketball program has access to the same calendar and the same changes that would be made. Coaches can adjust practice schedules based off of academic conflicts or unexpected injuries. It’s immediate and it’s a great communication tool.Over time, what’s really been most valuable is that all aspects of the program can see the facilities at the same time. It alleviates any type of facilities errors. Everybody can see the system at once, nobody double books an athlete. It’s efficient, it’s simple, and it’s fast. We all know in the athletic world that those three components are vital for success.How have your athletes responded to Teamworks?Teamworks gives our athletes the confidence and support that everyone’s on the same page. Their lives are so busy and fast and the app is so accessible and easy. When we have last-minute changes, they feel confident that they can log on before practice and know what’s going on.How has the staff responded to Teamworks?It is absolutely a unified positive response. There are no excuses for staff members to not be on the same page and not recognize what the practice schedule is on a weekly basis. Everybody has a clear understanding of what our expectations are.How would you rate the Teamworks implementation, training, and customer service?I wouldn’t call myself a high-tech person, but Teamworks is so user-friendly. Once the information was loaded into the software and the training was completed, we could all focus on other aspects of athletics. The Teamworks staff is available at any time and is great to work with.What would you say to a team that hasn't heard about Teamworks?It’s a tremendous tool. It’s something you need to have. It will make your life simpler and more efficient. I would recommend Teamworks to any organization that needs to communicate to numerous people.

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