Client Testimonial: Purdue Volleyball

Karen RichardsonSupervisor of Volleyball OperationsPurdue UniversityHow long have you been at Purdue and what is your current role?This is my seventh season with Purdue. As the current Supervisor of Volleyball Operations, I have a wide-range of responsibilities that stretch across many different areas. I handle film breakdown and compliance paperwork, as well as assist our athletes with following academic requirements. Additionally, I plan a lot of the travel and am often the "middle-man" between hotels, restaurants, airlines, etc. and our team. How has communication changed since you first started working in athletics?Communication has changed so much over these past couple of years and even more so since I was a player. It's rare to have face-to-face conversations anymore. People hardly even have phone conversations. It can be frustrating at times, as everyone seems to want email or text messages.How did you do your job before Teamworks and how has technology changed the way you interact with your team?Technology has changed the way we interact with our team in so many ways. Before Teamworks, I would hand-write all of our practice logs. Now, with Teamworks, I can type it all out on the computer so it is just there and done!It's also nice to have all of our schedules in one place and easily accessible. Our girls no longer have to print their schedules and bring them to us every time there is a change. If they switch classes, for instance, their schedules are updated instantly.What are some examples of how you have used Teamworks in your day-to-day operations?Day-to-day I would say that I use Teamworks the most for the little things, like pulling up a student's Purdue ID number or finding a parent's email address. It's all right there and is a definite time-saver. It's great that I can track down any individual at any point in the day by pulling up their schedule. It is also a plus to be able to send text messages to my players with instructions whenever I need to contact them.What would you say to programs that haven't heard of Teamworks?Teamworks is incredibly helpful if you live by the seat of your pants like I do. Having the application is a saving grace. It is a one-stop shop for contacts, schedules, forms, and communication services like text messages and emails. We as a team have tried a couple of other services in the past, and Teamworks is by far what has worked the best for us. It has everything we need for success all in one place.Would you recommend Teamworks to other programs?I would definitely recommend Teamworks to other programs. It is a great organizer, and since everything is on your phone, your laptop, or whatever device you use, you have all the information you need wherever you go.

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