July 10, 2023

Introducing Teamworks Navigation

Teamworks Navigation is the latest integration update from Teamworks that empowers administrators and super users to seamlessly move between their purpose-built products, all with one consistent experience across the Teamworks Operating System for Sports™.

The navigation bars in each Teamworks product will be consistently reorganized, creating a common layout with the primary navigation stacked along the left side of the screen, from here users will find icons for one-click access to the functional modules.

The introduction of a universal Teamworks App Switcher (in Phase 2) will allow users with multiple products to quickly toggle between their purpose-built tools without having to log in or out. 

Phase 1: Navigation Menu Updates

Phase 1 is the visual update and reorganization of the main navigation bars in each product.

Here is a highlight of what is changing within the Teamworks Hub navigation: 

  • The primary navigation has moved from the top of the page to a bar on the left 
  • The left bar is collapsible and expandable and lists all of the functional modules
  • The general design of each of the modules has been refreshed, showing the title of each module at the very top of the screen with the additional tab navigation below the title 
  • The team and org switcher is located in the vertical navigation to allow for easy navigation between teams and orgs
  • There is a new dashboard widget that surfaces quick links to key modules, including messaging, news, calendars, forms, files, videos, web links, and profiles, so users with permissions to those modules can easily take action from the dashboard.
  • Forms, files, and videos modules are no longer located within the dashboard module and are now located within the new vertical navigation
  • The help menu is located in the lower left-hand corner providing quick access to the chat with support, learning portal, or the help center
  • A personal menu is located at the bottom of the nav bar, allowing you to view your own profile, personal account settings, and logout

Despite the minor changes in the visual design of each module, the buttons and workflows will remain the same.

Phase 2: Teamworks App Switcher

After the successful rollout of the unified primary navigation bar in the first phase; Phase 2 of the Teamworks Navigation Integration will introduce the universal Teamworks App Switcher. This expanded functionality empowers seamless toggling between Teamworks products that the organization subscribes to. Additional benefits of this functionality allows users to navigate between apps without having to re-login on each platform.

Phase 3: Tailored Experience

The final phase of this integration includes the refinement of the user's product access within the universal app switcher; adding a tailored experience based on the individual's app access. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Customer Success Representative.

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