Client Testimonial: Lincoln High School Football

Yusuf ShakirHead Football CoachLincoln High SchoolWhy did you decide to implement Teamworks?We decided to implement Teamworks based on the ability to mass communicate with my athletes. It streamlined mass-texting and mass e-mailing. It really was just a way to get things done faster. That was the main reason we implemented.It was a great improvement upon what we used to do because Teamworks notifies you when a text or e-mail has been read by a student. In the past, students could just say the text went to the wrong number or they didn’t read their e-mail.What are some examples of how Teamworks has helped you?Just this past week we were down a couple volunteers to work the concession stand and I was able to send e-mails out day after day at the same time by setting it up through the Calendar function. I didn’t have to return to the computer and do it, Teamworks sent out reminders on its own.The Forms function has been great for us as far as paperwork is concerned. Students and parents can check Teamworks and see which forms they still need to submit or what forms are missing signatures and they can get them right to me. It has saved so much time tracking all of those forms down.How have the parents responded to Teamworks?The parents love it. Before Teamworks I would get so many calls from athletes and their parents with questions about scheduling and different problems. Now there’s no confusion. It has been a phenomenal help for us.How has the staff responded to Teamworks?My coaches love it. They get to see all the information they need about the athletes and can reach all the athletes they need to send plays to or even send their grades. The administration loves that the athletes and coaches are on top of their grades. Phone numbers and e-mail addresses can change like hotcakes with these kids, so always having an updated number has been huge.How would you rate the Teamworks implementation, training, and customer service?An absolute 10. Higher than 10. The individualized attention is great. Any questions I may have I can call and somebody will get right back to me. I called late one night and received a call back at 10pm. I was expecting to leave a message for someone in the morning, but they got right back to me.The implementation of the student data was the best part for us. We already had that data in an Excel format, but to change that into a different format would take us time, so for Teamworks to step in and do that was great.What would you say to another high school department that doesn’t have Teamworks?It’s a great tool. It eliminates so much wasted time that you lose at the high school level to tracking students down and tracking down paperwork. It raises accountability. I put in the equipment return at the end of the season and students have to return the equipment in the same condition they received it. By running the return through Teamworks, there’s no way around being held accountable for your own equipment.

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