December 21, 2022

Teamworks kicks off a multi-year R&D initiative with Ball Aerospace and the Air Force Research Laboratory

A New Fueling Experience For The Armed Forces

Durham, NC [December 21, 2022] - Teamworks kicks off a multi-year research and development (R&D) initiative with Ball Aerospace and Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) to customize and enable access to the Notemeal platform for the Department of Defense (DoD). With this system-wide partnership with the DoD, Notemeal, Powered by Teamworks, will invest in additional engineering resources to support the addition of DoD personnel to the platform.

“Notemeal has become popular within the DoD community as a tool for performance dietitians to enhance nutrition services and outcomes for Service Members,” said Dr. Adam Strang, Director of the AFRL STRONG Lab. “To expand on this development Teamworks & Ball Aerospace are partnering with AFRL for an R&D initiative that aims to further customize the Notemeal platform to meet DoD standards, objectively assess the usability and effectiveness of Notemeal within the DoD, and explore Notemeal’s product scalability for future DoD applications.”

New product developments and enhancements coming as part of this partnership include:

Military-specific User Management functionality to enhance application security and compliance, enabling broader access to Notemeal across the DoD.

Enhanced API Integration capabilities, launching first with the premier human performance optimization software platform, Smartabase, enabling advanced reporting functionality for performance dietitians to analyze and optimize nutrition trends, and for leadership to see the return on investment for tactical nutrition.

Upgrades to Performance Kitchen platform to support real-time meal ordering, and order-ahead Performance Meal Prep Program, up-leveling DoD dining facilities (DFAC) to drive utilization and optimize warfighter performance nutrition.

“After 3+ years of working extremely closely with performance dietitians across the DoD, we are extremely energized to continue to do our job in building and supporting a platform for Tactical Athletes to optimize their performance nutrition through an integrated, fueling experience,” said Notemeal General Manager, Sean Harrington.

At its core, Notemeal enables performance dietitians to develop personalized meal plans at scale while also analyzing and educating service members on optimal fuel choices through the Sports Dietitian Platform. Units will also benefit from the Performance Kitchen application. Performance Kitchen creates a personalized digital experience for each service member that responds to each day’s menu, and nutrient targets, to increase DFAC utilization.


Notemeal was acquired by Teamworks in 2021 as part of the expansion into performance nutrition. Notemeal remains the leading nutrition application that was built and developed specifically for elite performance.

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