Client Testimonial: Iowa State Women's Gymnastics

Jay RonayneHead CoachIowa State UniversityWhat challenges were trying to solve when you began looking for a solution?Before Teamworks, I would waste so much time try to get information out. Let’s say we came up with a new travel policy for this year. Before Teamworks, I’d have to give a verbal presentation to the team. Only, three of our athletes would be late to practice that day, so I’d have to do it again later. Then, I’d have to write an email and, since they don’t check their email for four days, I’d have to text them, too. They wouldn’t respond to their text, so I wouldn’t be sure they got the text, so I’d have to ask them again. Six days later, I’d find out that everyone has that information. Now, it takes me 15 seconds.Being able to send information to everyone at the same time, and know they received it, has been great. I have a lot more free time to do what I like to do – like actually coach.Why did you choose Teamworks?We looked at several platforms, and Teamworks was the only one that could do everything we wanted it to do and more. The long-term viability of Teamworks was really attractive to me. Unlike some lower-end apps, we knew we wouldn’t outgrow it six months from now.It is also incredibly easy to use. It’s a system that can easily be grasped by anyone. That, and its comprehensiveness, is really what sold it to me.How has your staff responded to Teamworks?I encouraged them to explore all the ways they could use the system, and they’ve really picked up on it. It was so simple for them. Using the system has been a no brainer.How important was having a mobile app?Very. The mobile app is the main way we use Teamworks because it’s so convenient. I try to encourage my staff to have a mobile office. We’re coaches, not administrators. We don’t want to be tied to a desk. I want them working on the fly, working in the gym. I want them out recruiting. What’s great about Teamworks is that no matter where they are, the staff can still be in constant contact with each other as well as the team.How have your athletes responded to Teamworks?They love it. A majority of our athletes have even started using Teamworks as their regular calendar. That’s one of the major things that I like about Teamworks: the more our athletes use it, the easier it is for us to get more information to them in a timely fashion.How would you compare Teamworks to any other systems Iowa State uses?You can’t compare Teamworks to anything else you’ve seen. It’s like comparing apples and oranges. It’s just not possible.Would you recommend Teamworks to other programs?I would definitely recommend Teamworks. It’s not only the most efficient tool for operations, but the most comprehensive. There’s nothing like it. I would encourage anyone to explore Teamworks for their operations platform. Teamworks does exactly what we want it do, so it frees us to focus on what we love… coaching.

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