Client Testimonial: Indiana State Football

Andrew Foster Jr.Director of Football OperationsIndiana State UniversityWhat challenges were you trying to solve when you first began looking for a solution?A big one was accountability. We had a lot of guys who had excuses about being late for meetings, and the coaches really had no way of knowing if they were being truthful or not. With Teamworks, they don’t have an excuse. We know everyone gets the messages because we can easily check in the system.On the other hand, if someone has a legitimate reason for being late, we can see that, too. Not only can they reach out to their coach and say, “Hey, I can’t make it this time because I have class,” but we can also easily pull up their class schedule right in the app. We don’t have to sort through paperwork to find it.The other big issue was keeping everyone on the staff on the same page. With Teamworks, I can reach everybody at once and make sure they have all the information they need to be successful.Why did you ultimately select Teamworks?I talked to several programs that were already using Teamworks, and they showed me the app and how they were using it. Notre Dame told me it was probably the best tool they had. I also talked to Arkansas, and they highly recommended it. I just had to bring the idea to Coach Sanford.How has Teamworks saved you time with travel?I use the templates in the travel section a lot. I don’t have to worry about making the bus signs, the plane - they already have the diagrams for me. I don’t have to make up my own. That saves me a lot of time.We also put our travel itinerary in the app so everything is on the calendar. It makes things quicker and more effective, and the athletes like that they don’t have to carry around or keep track of a paper itinerary.What are some of the other ways you use Teamworks?We really like using the wake-up call functionality. When we went to South Dakota, I got a wake-up call and made sure our guys woke up. Our last few home games had a 1:00pm kickoff, so everybody had to wake up early. Teamworks made it really easy to pre-record and schedule wake-up calls and then, as soon as they went out, check and see who’s awake based on who answered. You can send texts, but they might not hear it if they’re sleeping. They hear the voice call, though. That was pretty huge for us.We also like that we can send out scheduled text messages every day. We can go in and load everything for the coming week and then not have to think about it again. That has really helped us.Would you recommend Teamworks to other programs?Yes, I would. Teamworks helps everyone and makes it much easier to keep everyone on the same page. Before Teamworks, it was just position coaches would text their guys. Now, we can get a hold of everyone, from players to video to strength, to trainers to coaches. Everyone has more access to what is going on with the program and is overall more informed. I would definitely recommend Teamworks to other programs.

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