September 20, 2023

Teamworks Hub: The Backbone of Collegiate Athletics

Digital transformation has become a buzzword in collegiate athletics over the last decade. Organizations have transitioned from manual processes to tech-driven tools, in efforts to improve staff productivity and operational efficiency, while focusing on optimizing the athletic performance of student-athletes both on and off the field. With the addition of new technology and processes, app fatigue and overall tech "noise" have become real issues. At Teamworks, we recognize these challenges and understand that selecting the right tech for your organization is not an easy task. In an effort to help you navigate this journey, let’s start with the basics - Teamworks Hub.

Teamworks Hub is the backbone of your athletic department. It's a powerful operational solution that streamlines your team by unifying communications, operations, profiles, and travel management. Additionally, it functions as the “hub” to  connect all of the purpose-built tools within the Teamworks Operating System for Sports™, paving the way for future integrations and next level efficiency.

While Hub unlocks the pathway to future integrations; it is the single most engaged piece of technology for student-athletes. They log in to the mobile app multiple times a day because the Teamworks Hub serves as a for all their responsibilities on and off the field. In addition to the task list, they are checking messages, viewing and creating calendar appointments, and review notifications from their team. It’s no surprise that over 200 athletic departments use Hub to organize their teams more effectively, and silence the noise and distractions that student-athletes face..

Let's break down Hub and explore the impact it can have on your team.

The Core of Teamworks Hub

1. Calendar: The Teamworks Hub calendar is the glue that connects your athletic department, serving as the centralized location to manage schedules, practice sessions, treatments, and more. It even integrates class schedules from your registrar system, ensuring athletes always have up-to-date information. To explore more advanced features like calendar sign-ups and digital displays, read more here.

2. Messaging: Effective communication is non-negotiable within a team, and the Teamworks Hub messaging module offers a scalable way to engage with athletes, replacing scattered communication methods like WhatsApp or GroupMe. It includes features like scheduled message blasts, group messages, and one-on-one outreach.

3. Travel: For teams on the move, Teamworks Hub's travel module acts as a director of operations in your pocket. It allows you to manage trip itineraries, make real-time changes, and provide emergency outreach when needed.

4. Profiles: This is a source of truth within your department, storing essential information about athletes and staff, such as contact details, birthdays, and more. It enhances efficiency and risk management. For a deeper dive into profiles, check out these 7 power features.

These examples above are just scratching the surface of how Teamworks Hub can streamline your athletic department's operationsdownload this tool for a deeper dive into the features and functions of the key modules.

Beyond the in-depth functionality, the primary benefit of Teamworks Hub is evolving your organization from chaos to clarity, connecting your entire ecosystem so you can focus on what's most important: your student-athletes.

If you have specific questions about how Teamworks Hub can fit into your department or how it integrates with your existing tools, please feel free to reach out to our team.

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