June 12, 2023

Teamworks Elite Launches in Europe

Teamworks Elite, our exclusive benefits program for innovative sports organisations, is now available to customers in the United Kingdom and across Europe. From discounts to early access to VIP treatment at events, Teamworks Elite helps organisations drive digital transformation and accelerate the expected ROI of tech investments.

“In the United States, our Elite partners realised the benefits of having one login, one relationship, and one platform. They’ve become our biggest advocates and have spread the word – making Elite something teams are clamouring to join.” said Paul Dudley,  VP & GM, Global and Enterprise, at Teamworks. “We’re excited to now provide a range of purpose-built solutions to our customers in the UK and across the rest of Europe  and give them access to the same exclusive benefits.”

Teamworks Elite partners achieve this honoured status by using several products on The Operating System for Sports™. In 2023, the acquisition of five best-in-class technologies including Smartabase made Teamworks Elite a reality in global markets.

Teamworks recently announced three new additions to the Elite roster from the APAC region, including New Zealand Rugby team, The All Blacks, the most successful international men’s rugby team of all-time. The expectation is that the UK and Europe will quickly follow with teams eager to take advantage of the economic incentives and operational efficiencies Teamworks Elite provides. “The floodgates are open,” said Paul Dudley,  VP & GM, Global and Enterprise, at Teamworks. “With many of our customers already on multiple Teamworks products, stepping-up to take advantage of the benefits Elite provides is a no-brainer.” 

"Becoming an Elite partner was an easy decision. We expanded our partnership while consolidating our tech under a single agreement with preferred pricing. We are excited to see what tools they add next."
Don Waddell, President & GM, Carolina Hurricanes

Learn more about Teamworks Elite or contact one of our sales representatives to see how you can qualify.

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