How Duke Baseball Improved Team Communication

Chris PollardHead CoachDuke UniversityJosh JordanAssociate Head CoachDuke UniversityWhen you first started using Teamworks, what was the immediate impact on your program?For us, I’d say our communication improved, and the convenience of sending mass texts and emails. Another immediate impact from implementing Teamworks was having the ability to to track players’ class schedules. Teamworks is our primary form of communication with the players.What are some examples of how you use Teamworks in your day-to-day operations?We use Teamworks for anything that has to do with our practice planning or game scheduling, like texting or emailing information to our players. Whether it's a certain time we're lifting, a schedule for a specific group of players or any scheduling item, we always send those updates through Teamworks.How have your athletes responded to Teamworks?They like that we can reach them on their cell phones, which is their preferred method of communication. Now, when we have quick snip-its that we need to get out to our players in the moment, we send text messages through Teamworks. How has the staff responded to Teamworks?Everybody loves it. Some of our staff members are extremely technologically savvy. And then I’m at the other end of the spectrum - I can barely turn a computer on and off. The barometer I use is that if I can use Teamworks, anyone can use it.How would you rate the Teamworks implementation, training and customer service?Teamworks’ response time is really, really quick. When I submit a problem or something of the sort, the Teamworks staff is always quick to respond. To me, that's very comforting, because, again, when you’re dealing with people who are at different levels of comfort with technology, it’s nice to have the staff right there if we need them. How would you explain Teamworks to a team who has never heard of it?Teamworks allows you to seamlessly put any groups of contacts together for your team and quickly and easily communicate with them. The other component that I haven’t talked about yet is how NCAA Compliance uses it to manage their Forms in our athletic department. That was one of the reasons we jumped on it for our team communication, because Compliance and some of the other areas were already communicating and collecting all their forms through Teamworks. I would recommend Teamworks to other teams.

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