February 16, 2021

Teamworks Client Spotlight - Loyola Marymount University

Teamworks is highlighting our clients across college athletics, and the successes and lessons learned engaging with their student-athletes. Thanks to these featured clients for not only empowering your athletes but also being champions of the Teamworks app and platform!

In this Q&A, we’re featuring Craig Pintens, Director of Athletics at Loyola Marymount University. Pintens is in his third year leading the Lions and has instilled an athletics culture based on innovation and creative thinking. LMU is Teamworks’ third department-wide partner from the West Coast Conference.

What was the “a-ha moment” behind your decision to partner with Teamworks during this difficult and uncertain time?

There wasn’t an “a-ha moment” per se, but organizational efficiency is critical. We are always examining how to become more efficient in everything we do. The ability to have data from various sources available at your fingertips in one product was very appealing.

In a recent ADU interview, you mentioned using a forward-thinking approach to problem-solving. How do you take that approach in regards to building the department’s culture and cultivating the student-athlete experience?

We want to be a forward-thinking operation and constantly need to examine ways for our programs to evolve. Hopefully, as we continue to grow as a department, that will become embedded in our culture. Very often, people are stuck in the details of the past, which can become paralyzing. While it is crucial to understand how you are in your current situation, the more critical task is how you will move forward.

What does student-athlete engagement mean to you and what Teamworks’ feature are you most excited to use to foster engagement?

Student-athlete engagement has become even more essential during the pandemic. With much of the non-training activities taking place virtually, it has provided our coaches the opportunity to learn more about their student-athletes lives.

For me, having access to all of our student-athlete schedules in one place will allow me in non-pandemic times to keep a pulse on practices and have conversations with student-athletes on campus.

You’ve seen the growth of technology in collegiate athletics over the last decade. How do you see technology continuing to play a role in collegiate athletics?

As technology evolves, we would be foolish not to embrace it to provide more efficiency. Everyone must remain updated on advances in their particular area that will provide opportunities. Investing in worthwhile technologies is one of the best investments a department can make if used effectively after purchase.

Keep up with Craig:

Twitter: @LMUPintens

LinkedIn: Craig Pintens

Instagram: @Pintens

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