April 12, 2023

Letter From ARMS’ CEO, Mike Hurt, on the Acquisition by Teamworks

Powerful Union to Transform an Industry 

Today is an incredibly exciting day for the athletics industry, especially the collegiate market, as Steve Burris, Kelly Underwood, all of the amazing people in the ARMS family, and I announce the unification of two great companies. ARMS has been acquired by Teamworks and we are so excited for the opportunities ahead for ARMS and Teamworks clients, our respective teams, and the athletics market across the globe. 

In December of 2011, a small group of us moved some card tables and folding chairs into a first-floor unfinished office space with the mission of building truly transformational technology to revolutionize an industry near and dear to our hearts. Athletic departments had all the same business problems as large public companies but had no software tailored to meet their needs. 

The idea of ARMS was born, and we went to work. In what seems like an incredibly short 11 years, the ARMS team created the technology platform and support ecosystem that has become the best-in-class technology for athletics recruiting, compliance, workflow management, and business process automation. 

Along the way, we established trust with our client base of over 500 university athletic departments of all shapes and sizes that utilize ARMS every day. We have also processed millions of transactions and established compliant and fortified business processes and reporting for more than 1000 ARMS Camps clients. We are incredibly humbled by the trust that thousands of coaches and administrators and hundreds of thousands of student-athletes put in ARMS. We remain committed to helping our clients achieve even greater heights. 

Over the past several years, it became obvious to anyone in the collegiate athletics industry that two companies were innovating faster than others – Teamworks and ARMS. We have always had the highest respect for what Teamworks was doing in the industry and how they’ve expanded into the Pro and Tactical markets. Over the years, we formed an outstanding relationship with Zach and his team built on mutual respect and admiration. 

It became apparent to our respective leadership teams that both companies were spending valuable time and resources on areas where the other platform was, by far, the best solution in the given space. As we investigated a little deeper, we also realized our strategy, beliefs, and family-oriented cultures were an amazing match. The most natural choice for the elevation of the marketplace is for these two great companies to combine and focus on innovating together to better the lives of our clients and those we are all here to serve – THE ATHLETE. 

For our respective clients and those who utilize both companies’ platforms today, we are massively excited at how this integrated company will serve you now and into the future. While you will still have all of the wonderful features and services you are accustomed to, we will bring a truly unified strategy and areas of innovation that were previously impossible. For those who don’t currently utilize either of our platforms, “WE ARE COMING!” and we cannot wait to help you exceed your goals. 

There are so many exciting times ahead, and I am personally excited to continue as the President of ARMS, Steve will serve as General Manager, and Kelly will serve as VP of Sales, all under the Teamworks umbrella. The industry-leading technical, service, and sales teams you have come to trust over the years will be here for you as always. 

The flame within the ARMS logo was lit as we started this journey 11 years ago with the inspiration to change an industry. That fire and passion for continuing to build revolutionary technology for sports have never burned stronger than today. 

As one of my mentors and college baseball coach always said to us:

Yours in the Fight,

Mike Hurt


ARMS Software

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