Teaming Up with INFLCR to Empower Athletes

Teamworks exists to engage and empower athletes. Today, we’re bringing a group that shares our mission onboard. We’re excited to welcome INFLCR to Teamworks.Since our founding, our focus has been on providing technology that helps athletes reach their full potential in all areas of life. As we’ve talked with the current generation of athletes, it has become clear that the way they communicate and experience the world has changed. Today, social media is more than something they do with their spare time. It’s how they share who they are and what they care about.Currently, there’s a disconnect between the experience of an athlete and their ability to share that experience digitally. Huge parts of their lives are being left out as their digital biographies are being written. Today’s athletes want to more robustly tell the true story of their experience, but their ability to do so has been limited. They need content – the videos and pictures teams or media rightsholders collect at every event – and there hasn’t been an easy way to get it.As we started talking to our partners who were seeking technology to solve this problem, there was one company we found that shares our values and approach. That company is INFLCR. Like Teamworks, INFLCR puts the athlete first. By bringing content to the athletes in a way that gives their voices freedom and puts their needs above all else, INFLCR has had incredible engagement. The athletes that have INFLCR have been more empowered than any other group before them. It’s given them greater agency to tell their story fully. We want to take that impact and deliver it to every organization that we serve.We’re thrilled to be joined by the INFLCR team. To learn more about our investment in INFLCR and what it means for athletes, our partners, and the industry, join INFLCR Founder & CEO Jim Cavale and me at 1 pm ET on Tuesday, October 15, for a live webinar.

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