How Southern Utah Football Reaches Championship Level with Teamworks

JEFF TUKUAFUAssistant AD of Operations/FacilitiesSouthern Utah University"The value Teamworks brings to Southern Utah University is it takes us from being a good program to a great, championship program."Try the #1 athlete engagement platform free for 90 days.HOW DOES TEAMWORKS AFFECT YOUR ROLE?"Teamworks saves me about three to four hours of work per day."SCHEDULED MASS MESSAGES“Teamworks has been a lifesaver for me. I remember before Teamworks, it would take so much time to create a mass text and get it out to the right people at the right time. The mass messaging feature of Teamworks, with custom groups, has really made my wife happy, because I can schedule those messages ahead of time. Instead of sitting on the couch texting all of our players at night because I forgot to do it earlier, I’m spending more time with her.”CALENDAR“Our plans change all the time. With Teamworks, I have the ability to change an event on the calendar and then easily send a mass notification out to everyone. I can also enter a specific time and instantly see a list of players who are unavailable.”HOW DO YOUR ATHLETES FEEL ABOUT TEAMWORKS?“The players are absolutely loving it. They’ve let me know that they really appreciate it, especially the text reminders. Those have been really helpful with keeping our student-athletes on top of their busy schedules. We have a 6am lift group, and I have it set up so they get a text at 5:30am. They don’t even set their alarms anymore.”OUTSIDE OF FOOTBALL, WHO ELSE IS USING TEAMWORKS?“The platform is so user-friendly and easy, and it provides a seamless channel of communication throughout our program and athletic department.”1. ACADEMICS“We’ve introduced Teamworks to our academic coordinator, who has been using it and loving it. He sends out all his notifications, academic alerts and study hall updates through Teamworks. It saves a lot of time for him. I know he really appreciates it.”2. SPORTS MEDICINE“Teamworks has allowed our trainers to work more efficiently. For example, we have a player who is way ahead of schedule in his recovery because of how our trainers have been able to schedule his rehab. In Teamworks they can see exactly when he’s available, so they can get him in the training room more often, which has helped speed up his recovery.”3. SPORTS INFORMATION“Our Sports Information Director loves Teamworks. We used to hand him all of our player bio forms that he would have to manually type in the computer. Now with Teamworks Forms, it’s so easy for him. We just send the bio forms out and he gets all the information with the click of a button.”4. DONORS“We added all of our donors into Teamworks, which has helped get them more involved in the program. It’s easy for our coach to send all the donors a text after a game to say, “Thank you so much for coming. We wouldn’t be able to do this without you.” That makes the donors feel more appreciated and invested in the team.”5. ALUMNI“Our alumni information used to be very unorganized, which made it difficult to keep good communication with them. We’re really excited to have all that contact information in one spot that’s easy to find in Teamworks. This is something we’ll be using from now until hopefully forever, because I don’t imagine us ever getting rid of Teamworks.”WHAT IMPACT HAS TEAMWORKS LOCATE HAD ON YOUR STAFF AND ATHLETES?COACHING STAFF: SAVES TIME“Locate has been a major time-saver for us. Coaches used to have to print out class checklists, and then spend two hours every day trekking across campus to check on everyone. With Teamworks Locate, they push a button and don’t even have to leave their offices, which means they have more time to get ready for the season and meet with players one-on-one.”ATHLETES: BOOSTS ACCOUNTABILITY“What Teamworks Locate has really done, more than anything, is it’s made our players more accountable. Players don’t gamble on class checks any more. When they get that check-in text and they’re not in class, they know they’ll be getting a call from a coach. It’s really helped keep them on top of their academics.”WHAT IS THE OVERALL VALUE OF TEAMWORKS FOR YOUR PROGRAM?“The value Teamworks brings to Southern Utah University is it takes us from being a good program to a great, championship program. I really believe that. That’s what we’re pushing for. I think that having this system is going to give us that edge. Now not only do we have more man power to focus on planning for our next opponent and making sure our gameplans are where they need to be, but it’s also going to make our whole process, from spring ball all the way until hopefully next January, run a lot smoother and cleaner. It’s going to benefit everyone, not only football, but our athletic department and hopefully this SUU community.”

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