June 3, 2021

Southern U. and A&M College Establishes Efficiencies Department-Wide

Teamworks is proud to announce the expansion to a department-wide partnership with Southern Univ. and A&M College Athletics, which will leverage the athlete engagement app across the institution’s 13 varsity sports. Jaguars Athletics’ digital shift across all sports will speed up their staff operations and communication, creating more opportunities to focus on improving the student-athlete experience.


“When you strive for competitive excellence, that extends well beyond the playing surface and requires a clear vision of what is necessary to make each stakeholder in your organization as efficient as possible every day,” said Southern University Deputy Athletics Director and COO Trayvean Scott.

“With Teamworks, we’re looking to remove the manual processes our department and teams have relied upon in the past and ultimately leverage technology as a means of leveling the playing field in terms of operational capacity for each of our sports. A standardized means of communication and logistics-coordinating department-wide will allow us to minimize disruptions and inconsistencies across the board.”


About Teamworks

Teamworks is the leading athlete engagement platform, built by athletes, for athletes. Our software and app make everything easier for elite athletic teams – from scheduling and communication, to sharing files and managing travel. We help more than 3,000 elite athletic teams around the world to better connect and collaborate so they can focus on winning. Visit www.teamworks.com for more information.


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