South Alabama's DBO: Teamworks Improves Logistics

Andrew CardenDirector ofBaseball OperationsUniversity ofSouth AlabamaWhat difference has Teamworks made to you personally?The organization and communication of the team has improved. It’s easier for me to get a message across to the coaches and players. We had a messaging system before, but it didn’t work nearly as well as Teamworks. If anything needs to be communicated to anyone on the team, I can immediately get it to them. That really helps me because I send information to our team every day.What is your favorite feature of Teamworks?The part I use the most is messaging, but my favorite is the forms. Forms is the best because you can knock out paperwork in a very short period of time. A day before a road game I tell the team where we’re going to eat, give them options, let them fill out the form and I can have the meal ready a day before we leave. All of that can be done on their phones. Whereas before, I would pass around a clipboard on the bus on the way to the game. I couldn’t read half of what was written. Teamworks helps us organize and prepare logistics in advance.How do your players feel about Teamworks?Our players love Teamworks, especially the calendar part. Before we had Teamworks, the practice and game day schedules were always posted on a cork board in the locker room. Now the whole calendar is on their phone, along with all the other information they need. Wherever they are, they always have access to an updated schedule and updated information. The players love Teamworks because its easy for them to find the information they need.What is the most noticeable difference in your team as a result of using Teamworks?Teamworks has helped to improve our team accountability. With Teamworks, no one has any excuse for not being where they are supposed to be. No one can say they didn’t know something was happening. We didn’t have much of that happening before, but now it happens even less because Teamworks sends everyone reminders prior to an event. Also, if anyone has questions about anything that’s happening, they can easily find the answers on their phone.What advantages does Teamworks give your program?The main advantage is in our overall communication. I send out group messages on Teamworks and responses come only to me, not to everyone in the group. That makes everyone, especially new players, feel more comfortable asking questions, because it’s more private than a normal group message. They don’t worry about getting embarrassed about the questions they have. An advantage of Teamworks is the ease of sending information and the improved clarity of that information on both ends.How would you describe the value of Teamworks?I love it. It has been very beneficial to me and the whole staff. Teamworks has greatly improved our accountability and communication within our program. I would definitely recommend Teamworks to other teams.

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